Students report on Occupy Boston for the Globe

Allison Teixeira

October 06, 2011

Seven Journalism students who are part of a new course called Metropolitan News Service: A Collaboration got the chance to report on the Occupy Boston protests this week for the Boston Globe. Students in the class, taught by Associate Professor Jerry Lanson, work for the Globe’s hyperlocal Your Town sites covering six neighborhoods: East Boston, Beacon Hill, the North End, Downtown, Chinatown, and Savin Hill.

Members of the class went to the Financial District’s Dewey Square on Monday evening, where the group protesting corporate greed in America are camped out. The students filmed footage of the protests and interviewed participants for a multimedia piece on “Who is Occupy Boston.” The students reported between 4-5:30 pm and filed their materials with the Globe, including a text story, mini profiles, and edited videos, by noon on Tuesday. posted the class’s work to their site by that afternoon.

Occupy Boston protestor
Emerson students reported on the individuals participating in the Occupy Boston protest.

“This partnership is a brand-new concept and we’re learning together,” said Lanson. “Our students were able to get an assignment from a media outlet that included shooting photo and video, interviewing, writing, and editing, and they turned it around in less than 24 hours. To cap it off, three students with little experience shooting video ended up with video on the website of a major news organization.”

The Metropolitan News course is a part of Emerson’s new Journalism curriculum that was introduced in September. The curriculum encourages students to look at broadcast and print journalism in a holistic way, rather than as separate tracks, and to seek ways of reporting and presenting stories that incorporate words, images, and sound in one seamless narrative. The objective of the partnership program with the Globe is to provide more local content for the newspaper and its Your Town websites as well as more real-world experience for students.

Jamie Reysen ’11 wrote the story about the protestors. She also contributed to the multimedia pieces, along with Benjamin Austin ‘12, Brittany Berkowitz ‘11, Gillian Barbieri ‘12, Michael Flanagan ‘12, Wynn Harrison ‘12, and Brett Otis ‘12.