Student Profile: Singer/Songwriter Amory Sivertson ‘11 Wax on Felt Artist

Singer/Songwriter Amory Sivertson '11

Singer/songwriter Amory Sivertson ‘11 was one of two artists signed to Wax on Felt’s record label in 2009-2010.

Amory Sivertson

Carrie Fuller

October 22, 2010

She released her first full-length album, La Di Da, in April 2008, the same year she won an Emerson EVVY Award for Best Original Song for her song “Beautiful.” She released her second album, How to Run Away, in March 2010 and she’s not about to stop there.

Amory Sivertson ‘11 was one of two artists signed to Wax on Felt’s record label in 2009–2010. Wax on Felt is Emerson’s student-run record label. Each year the organization releases one album (including production, promotion, and distribution).

Sivertson is a singer/songwriter/pianist who takes her influences from folk-indie-pop-rock musical genres. Emerson's em magazine describes her music as "quirky, yet beautiful and moving."

During her sophomore year Sivertson participated in Emerson’s Kasteel Well program. While living at the castle in the Netherlands she spent some time traveling in Europe. Her experiences abroad became her inspiration for her second album.

WERS 88.9 FM, one of Emerson’s student-run radio stations, invited Sivertson into the studio this week to play during its bi-annual Live Music Week. The station says her sound recalls the “liberty of Joni Mitchell, the catchy hooks of Regina Spektor, and the orchestral leanings of Feist, while still creating a fresh, new sound."


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