Pelton hosts lunch, discussion with staff

Rhea Becker

October 07, 2011

Fifteen staffers came from all corners of the College—Athletics, Journalism, Government and Community Relations, the Library, the Office for the Arts—to enjoy President Lee Pelton’s first lunch with staff. The series of staff lunches offers an opportunity for staffers and the new president to get to know each other better in an informal setting.

staff at luncheon
Nerissa Williams (right), Assistant Manager of the Paramount Center soundstage in TRF Operations, took part in the discussion at the first staff luncheon.

Over a buffet lunch in the Beard Room, Pelton spoke of his observations thus far about the students, staff, and faculty at Emerson and then took questions from attendees. Among the issues raised were building a feeling of community among staff, creating professional development opportunities for staff, and finding ways to include the College’s night staff in activities.

Executive Director of the Library Robert Fleming was pleased to hear Pelton speak about his goals and priorities for Emerson staff. “He certainly met my expectations and then some, as he shared his thoughts and then asked us to share ours as well.”

Pelton and Brennan
President Pelton talked with staff, including Assistant Director of Athletics Erin Brennan (right), about building community among Emerson staffers.

“I remember seeing the invite and being so excited that he was making this kind of opportunity available to us,” said Alexa Lash, administrative assistant in the Journalism Department. “He’s a man with a lot of ideas for making this both a School of Arts and Communication and a school that communicates.”

Two more staff lunches will be scheduled between now and the end of the calendar year. Staff members are encouraged to sign up to attend. Pelton is also hosting regular events with faculty and students.