Kasteel Well students greet governor

Theo Bovens, Lee Pelton, and Anthony Pinder
Theo Bovens, Lee Pelton, and Anthony Pinder, assoc. vice president of Internationalization and Global Affairs

Theo Bovens, governor of the Dutch province of Limburg, recently visited with Emerson President Lee Pelton and others at Kasteel Well in the Netherlands as students, faculty, and staff celebrated the end of the classes. Students planted trees, dined, and held theatrical performances as they bid farewell to Europe. (Photos by Gerlo Beemink)

May 05, 2014

Theo Bovens, governor of the Dutch province of Limburg, recently met with Emerson President Lee Pelton; Anthony Pinder, associate vice president of internationalization and global affairs at Emerson; and students, staff, and faculty at Kasteel Well’s farewell end-of-semester ceremonies in the Netherlands.

The trip for Pelton and Pinder began with a meeting with Bovens to discuss the province’s continued support of Emerson’s Kasteel Well program. The trio, along with Kasteel executive director Dulcia Meijers and others, discussed other opportunities for Emerson students in the region, including internships and local civic engagement initiatives.

There were also ceremonies, including a tree planting and musical and theatrical performances with the students to celebrate the end of the 2013–2014 academic year.


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