IMC Program Requirements

Donald Hurwitz, Ph.D

Donald Hurwitz, Ph.D., Chair of the Marketing Communication Department talks about the IMC Program. 

As you progress in the Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) program, you build on the knowledge from core classes with electives. If you are interested in digital marketing, for example, you might elect to take courses such as Media Management Strategies, Web Page Development and Management, and Interactive and e-Communication. If managing the creative process interests you, you could combine Creative Thinking and Problem Solving with Advertising, Sales Promotion, and Publicity Management.

Required Courses

MK 604 Introduction to Research Methods
MK 610 Marketing Management
MK 617 Consumer Behavior
MK 618 Marketing Communication Integration Strategies
MK 668 Capstone in Integrated Marketing Communication


At least three required courses (except MK 668) must be completed before electives are taken unless an exception is approved by the Graduate Program Director. You may choose five elective courses, three of which must be organized courses in the IMC program (including GM 612 and GM 614). MK 697 (Directed Study) and MK 690A (Internship), though not classroom courses in the IMC program, can be taken as electives for up to a maximum of 8 hours in your program.

MK 612 Direct/Database Marketing
MK 620 Public Relations Management
MK 621 Writing for Marketing Communication
MK 627 Interactive and e-Communication
MK 630 Advertising, Sales Promotion, and Publicity Management
MK 636 Creative Thinking and Problem Solving
MK 637 Interpersonal Communication and Sales Management
MK 639 Strategic Brand Management
MK 648 Media Management Strategies
MK 649 Measuring and Communicating Investments in Marketing
MK 653 Web Page Development and Management
MK 695 Special Studies in Marketing Communication
GM 612 Global Public Relations
GM 614 Global Advertising