Department of Marketing Communication

Meet Thomas Vogel

With an engineering degree in information and media technology, an MFA in graphic and film design, and the experience of starting two successful international marketing communication agencies, Associate Professor Thomas Vogel brings exceptional experience to Emerson. He has both an academic and professional background in advertising, direct marketing, filmmaking, and Internet-based communication.

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Based in his native Germany before coming to Emerson, Vogel was a professor of media design and the founding dean of the Department of Media Management at the University of Applied Sciences in Wiesbaden, Germany. There, he oversaw the first interdisciplinary business degree program in Germany to focus on communication, media, and information technology business segments. Vogel also worked as a consultant and creative director for Mediaman, an interactive marketing communication agency that he cofounded.

Standing Out, Through Technology

Vogel notes the GMCA program's value given the current technologically driven global marketplace. He sees a tremendous increase in global advertising and communication campaigns. In these complicated and challenging markets, Vogel says a global company's success will increasingly depend on the overall quality of its communication— especially the content and the integration of the appropriate media channels.

“How marketers communicate with audiences around the world is continually being changed by globalization and new technologies. Our program focuses on the cutting edge of both.”