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Records Management Resources

Off-site Records Storage

The College uses Recall for all offsite storage of inactive paper records that are not past their retention date (see Records Retention Schedule). The Records Management Team maintains this relationship, including setting up new departmental accounts, sending boxes offsite, and having boxes delivered when needed. In most cases, any boxes already stored off-site can be delivered to Campus within 1-2 business days, however delivery time is dependent upon when the order is submitted to the Records Management Team. Using offsite storage does NOT come out of a departmental budget - it is a College operating expense.

If you would like to send records off-site, please contact the Records Management Team to get started. Please follow the Offsite Storage Transfer Guidelines when preparing your records for storage offsite. 

Shredding Services

The Records Management team can also help set up services for shredding paper records that have met or exceeded their retention per the College Records Retention Schedule. Bins are available as a one-time, unscheduled service used for projects such as a retirement or change of location. A bin can also be set up on a schedule to be emptied regularly. Temporary bins may take several business days to be delivered; setting up a new location for a regularly scheduled bin requires a minumum of 10 business days and can sometimes take longer. Please email the Records Management team to request a shred bin. 

Departmental Records Officers (DRO's)

As defined by the Records Management Policy, "The Departmental Records Officer (DRO) is a person within a department who has supervisory responsibility and is primarily responsible for ensuring that this Policy and any departmental or office procedures concerning management of College records are observed."

Who is a DRO?

Each departmental DRO was chosen by senior leadership, and duties are tied to a position, NOT a specific person. DROs are responsible for assisting the Records Management team with the sharing of information and making sure all employees follow the College Records Management Policy. To find out who your DRO is, or if you are a DRO, view the DRO List (PDF).

Past DRO Training Sessions

Powerpoint slides from the April 2016 DRO Training session. 
Powerpoint slides from the March 2015 DRO Training session. 
Powerpoint slides from the October 2014 DRO Training session.

Department Specific Training

The Records Management Team is available to provide records management training and support services to all College departments and offices. Regularly scheduled training for Departmental Records Officers (DROs) began in the fall of 2014 and continue to be offered 1-2 times yearly. If you are not a DRO or you would like to schedule a training session for your department, please email the Records Management Team