Iwasaki Library

These procedures are designed to minimize physical deterioration or damage to records transferred to the Archives and to ensure that they will be readily retrievable after transfer.

  1. Consult your department's record schedule and/or the archivist to determine what materials should be sent to the Archives. Materials sent to the Archives that are determined to have no long-term archival value will be returned. 
  2. Conduct a Records Survey to identify and separate active records from archival materials.
  3. Shred any copies of materials that were created by another department but used for administrative purposes in your department. The Archives will receive the original documents from the originating department.
  4. Obtain record storage boxes for your records. Boxes can be ordered from Hollinger Metal Edge (item RSB-12, Record Storage Box White Acid-Free Corrugated Board).
  5. Remove all hanging file folders. If items are loose within a hanging file folder, place them into a regular office file and transfer the name of the file from the hanging file to the new file using pencil. Please print legibly.
  6. Fill boxes (from front to back) with files; maintain the order in which the files were created or used and do not over-pack the box.
  7. Label and number the boxes consecutively and discretely in pencil (e.g. [Name of Department], Date, Box 1 of 7). Do not use pen or apply labels to the boxes.
  8. Make a list of box contents/inventory that lists all files or items in each box (include dates whenever possible).
  9. Complete the Archival Records Transfer Form (attach your inventory to the Archival Records Transfer Form).
  10. Insert the Archival Records Transfer Form and inventory in the first box, on top of the contents, under the lid; keep a copy for your records.
  11. Please do not tape box lids shut.
  12. Place a work order with facilities (x8880) to arrange delivery to the College Archives, Room 223, 2nd floor of the Walker Building. Please do not leave archival materials outside in the hallway.
  13. Contact the College Archives in advance of delivery so we know the boxes are coming.
  14. Upon delivery, notification will be sent to originating office and a copy of the Archival Records Transfer Form will be returned with an accession number for future retrieval.