Iwasaki Library

Electronic Resources Use and Access Policy

The electronic resources provided by the library are individually licensed, so each database may have its own unique terms of use. Individuals accessing these resources in the library may direct questions and concerns to any reference librarian. Users accessing resources outside the library should contact reference@emerson.edu with specific questions regarding terms and limitations of these resources. Important access information regarding specific databases is listed in the database description on the library's list of databases.

The resources provided by the library are funded by the Emerson College annual budget, and are therefore provided strictly for personal, academic research. Usage is restricted to currently-enrolled students, faculty and staff in almost all cases. For access to similar resources by others (including Emerson alums), please consult your local public library.  The library also provides links to resources funded by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners, which are available to all Massachusetts residents.

The majority of databases offering full text provide the means to insure the item you are accessing is cited properly. See the library’s citations guidelines for citation-assistance. However, please be aware that when material is published or republished by a database, the database must be included in the citation. (This is primarily for tracking errors, but also notes the total provenance of research materials.) Scholarly communication is an intended use of our full text databases in most cases, but individual-to-individual email for scholarly purposes is widely approved. (E.g. you may email someone you know who might find an article valuable or useful a copy of that article. You may not provide anyone else access to resources through your personal login.)

If permitted, access to electronic resources from off-campus require registration via your ECNet credentials.

Our licenses generally prohibit the following uses:

  • Allowing anyone other than authorized users to access the licensed resources.
  • Downloading entire issues of online journals or major portions of electronic books.
  • Downloading text in bulk to create a corpus of text for analysis, or for any other use.
  • Using software or other automated tools to systematically download licensed content.
  • Using licensed resources for any commercial purposes.

Further, all use of Emerson's network for accessing electronic information must comply with Emerson's Electronic Information Policy.