Liberal Arts


The Foundations curriculum introduces first-year Emerson students to the intellectual life of the academy and its responsibilities to the wider world. Courses cultivate the habits of thought, methods of inquiry, and means of presentation that will enable students to understand and participate in deliberations about the academic, professional, and public issues they will encounter in their undergraduate education and beyond.

First Year Seminar (4 credits)

In this one-semester interdisciplinary seminar (IN100-level), students critically investigate academic and public issues such as “Coming of Age”, “Culture, the Arts, and Social Change”, and “Cultural Constructions of Identity” as they build practical, creative, and critical thinking skills. (Credits are fulfilled simultaneously with the Interdisciplinary Perspective.)

Written Communication (8 credits)

In this two-course sequence (WR 101/121), students develop an understanding of how intellectual exhange in the academy and public life operates, the ability to analyze rhetorical situations, and the capacity to design and carry out projects individually and with others to produce writing that has consequences.

Oral Communication (4 credits)

In this one-semester course (CC 100), students understand, analyze, reflect, and apply communication principles in diverse oral communication speaking situations - informative, persuasive, and impromptu - and conduct, analyze, and use research to support ideas.

Students presenting collaborative research