Honors Program


First-Year Students

First-year students take an intensive yearlong seminar introducing them to the interdisciplinary study of literature and culture of the Americas with an emphasis on developing writing, oral presentation, and research skills. The seminar is team-taught and provides a platform for discussion, exploration, and debate, while strengthening writing and speaking abilities. The first-year seminars, HS 101/102, and the Writing Symposium, HS 103, fulfill three Emerson College requirements: the Literary Perspective, the U.S. Diversity requirement, and the Written Communication requirement.


Sophomores are introduced to the interdisciplinary study of science and philosophy with an objective of engaging in critical thinking and research. Different areas of inquiry are examined each year, such as evolutionary biology, environmental ethics, and epistemology and logic. The second-year seminar, HS 201, fulfills the Scientific Perspective while HS 202 fulfills the Ethics and Values Perspective.


Juniors take an Honors seminar consisting of an upper-division course in interdisciplinary studies with professors who guide them through the theoretical and methodological assignments, partly in preparation for the Senior Honors Thesis.


Seniors, beginning in the Fall 2013 semester, will be enrolled in a Thesis Seminar during their last year of study at Emerson College. Each Scholar-in-Residence in the Institute for Liberal Arts & Interdisciplinary Studies serves as a faculty advisor for the senior theses. Students work independently on their theses, but consult regularly with their faculty advisor to evaluate and revise the work in progress throughout the year.

All Honors students are required to complete an Honors Thesis proposal, which are reviewed by the Honors Program director and faculty committee. Students are assigned a faculty advisor after this review. The proposal includes a description of the overall topic, the specific question or questions formulated, and the general ways in which the student will address the question(s) and accomplish the thesis. Students are required to submit the completed proposal to the Honors Program Office by April 10 of their junior year.