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Honors Program

The Emerson College Honors Program is an intellectual and creative community that integrates a challenging liberal arts curriculum and specialized study in the student's chosen field. Students accepted to the program receive individual advising and take interdisciplinary seminars that fulfill the College's general education requirements.


The Honors Program is an intellectual and creative community that combines the liberal arts with specialized studies.

Community of Learners

The program fosters strong bonds between students and faculty. Students enjoy a low student-to-faculty ratio in dedicated Honors seminars and are invited to special lectures and dinners. They also have the opportunity to interact with upper-class colleagues through collaborative research projects and mentoring.

In the senior year, students develop an Honors thesis, working individually with faculty advisors. They are eligible to apply for exclusive funds to support their thesis. Each Honors student receives the prestigious Trustee Scholarship equal to half tuition for up to four years.

Thesis Examples

Some examples of theses from the 2012 graduating class:

  • Rebecca Bieber, May ’12, Communication Disorders
    Audiological Services for Limited English Proficiency Populations in the Greater Boston Area
    Advisor: Daniel Kempler (Communication Sciences & Disorders)
  • Samuel Bondi, Dec ’11, Theatre Education
    Breaking the Fourth Wall: The Use of Drama as a Teaching Tool
    Advisor: Bethany Nelson (Performing Arts)
  • Emily Carroll, May ’12, Writing, Literature & Publishing
    Alternative Economic Models in American Women's Writing
    Advisor: John Barnard (Writing, Literature & Publishing)
  • Kathryn Flynn, May ’12, Marketing Communication
    Preventing the Consumption of Harmful Fast Food: A Comprehensive Plan for Improved Health in The United States
    Advisor: Nejem Raheem (Marketing Communication)
  • David Ladr, May ’12, Film Production
    The Representations of Poverty in American Cinema: Traditional Structure of Hollywood Screenplays, Hegemony, and Resistance
    Advisor: Shujen Wang (Visual & Media Arts), Jared Gordon (Visual & Media Arts)
  • Ariel Neidermeier, May ’12, Broadcast Journalism
    In Defense of NPR: A Critical Review of National Public Radio's Communicative Philosophy
    Advisor: Elizabeth Baeten (Communication Studies)
  • Kendal Peiguss, May ’12, Marketing Communication
    Branding the Cause: An Examination of the Nonprofit Paradox through Susan G. Komen for the Cure
    Advisor: Thomas Vogel (Marketing Communication)
  • Valentijn van der Sloot, May ’12, Film Production
    One Happy Island: Tourism and Colonial Legacy in Aruba
    Advisor: Nigel Gibson (Institute for Liberal Arts & Interdisciplinary Studies)

Visit the Honors Program Eligibility & Admission page or contact the Office of Admission at 617-824-8600 or to learn more about applying.

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Honors Program Newsletter

Honors Program Newsletter

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Honors Thesis Project Lights Display

"Lumens" light display

Light It Up: Honors Thesis Project

An Emerson student is causing smiles as students and visitors stare in amazement at his LED light display—all part of his honors thesis project—in the main foyer of the Little Building.

Displaying an inner sense of direction and responsibility that shows in their intellectual engagement when they first step foot on campus, Honors students are driven, creative individuals who bond as a close-knit community of learners.

Nigel C. Gibson

Director of the Honors Program