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Honors Program

The Emerson College Honors Program is an intellectual and creative community that integrates a challenging liberal arts curriculum and specialized study in the student's chosen field. Students accepted to the program receive individual advising and take interdisciplinary seminars that fulfill the College's general education requirements.


The Honors Program is an intellectual and creative community that combines the liberal arts with specialized studies.

Community of Learners

The program fosters strong bonds between students and faculty. Students enjoy a low student-to-faculty ratio in dedicated Honors seminars and are invited to special lectures and dinners. They also have the opportunity to interact with upper-class colleagues through collaborative research projects and mentoring.

In the senior year, students develop an Honors thesis, working individually with faculty advisors. They are eligible to apply for exclusive funds to support their thesis. Each Honors student receives the prestigious Trustee Scholarship equal to half tuition for up to four years.

Thesis Examples

Some examples of theses from the 2016 graduating class:

  • Daniel Albright, May ’16, Visual & Media Arts
    The Committed Documentary in the 21st Century: Non-Fiction Political Filmmaking in the Grassroots
    Advisors: Melinda Robins (Journalism) and Kathryn Ramey (Visual & Media Arts)
  • Ashley Cunningham, December ’15), Marketing Communications
    Everyone is (Into) Gay (Porn): How Gay Male Porn’s Female Audience Reframes “For Women” Pornography
    Advisor: Cara Moyer-Duncan (Institute for Liberal Arts & Interdisciplinary Studies)
  • Maria DiPasquale, May ’16, Writing, Literature & Publishing
    Writing About Oppression and Social Movements from a Privileged Position: New Strategies for Fiction
    Advisor: Yasser Munif  (Institute for Liberal Arts & Interdisciplinary Studies)
  • Loretta Donelan, May ’16, Writing, Literature & Publishing
    Beautification As Empowerment: Deconstructing the Natural Beauty Paradox
    Advisor: Diana Sherry (Institute for Liberal Arts & Interdisciplinary Studies)
  • Emeralde Jensen-Roberts, May ’16, Writing, Literature & Publishing
    Thinking Small: A Framing Analysis of the Tiny House Movement Within Capitalist America
    Advisor: Melinda Robins (Journalism)
  • Holly Kirkman, May ’16, Writing, Literature & Publishing
    Camp: Exploring the Intergenerational Race-Related Trauma of Japanese American Internment Through Graphic Novels
    Advisor: Sarah Zaidan (Visual & Media Arts)
  • Henry Krause, May ’16, Communications Studies
    King Kunta, the Critical Race Theorist: Kendrick Lamar, Black Lives Matter, and the Intersection between Music and New Social Movements
    Advisor: Yasser Munif (Institute for Liberal Arts & Interdisciplinary Studies)
  • Alex Parish, May ’16, Marketing Communication
    The Changing Sphere of the Toy Industry
    Advisor: Sarah Zaidan (Visual & Media Arts)
  • Samantha Skovera-Miller, May ’16, Communication Studies
    Cool Schmool: Riot Grrrl’s Journey Through a Media Frenzy
    Advisor: Melinda Robins (Journalism)

  • Gabrielle Urbonaite, May ’16, Visual & Media Arts
    The City in Post-Soviet Cinema
    Advisors: Cara Moyer-Duncan (Institute for Libera Arts & Interdisciplinary Studies) and Cristina Kotz Cornejo (Visual & Media Arts)

  • Emily White, May ’16, Performing Arts
    Indirect Traumatic Response: Re-mediatizing Indirect Experiences of the Boston Marathon Bombing
    Advisor: Diana Sherry (Institute for Liberal Arts & Interdisciplinary Studies)

Visit the Honors Program Eligibility & Admission page or contact the Office of Admission at 617-824-8600 or to learn more about applying.

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Honors Thesis Project Lights Display

"Lumens" light display

Light It Up: Honors Thesis Project

An Emerson student is causing smiles as students and visitors stare in amazement at his LED light display—all part of his honors thesis project—in the main foyer of the Little Building.

Honors students at Emerson bring the full range of their interdisciplinary liberal arts education to bear on the questions facing the world today. These students form a unique community of learners who unite their critical and their creative intellectual capacities in pursuit of their educational and career goals.

Wendy W. Walters

Director of the Honors Program