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Lindsey A. Beck

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Office: Walker 414E
Phone: 3508
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Lindsey A. Beck

Assistant Professor (2013)

B.A. Dartmouth College
M.S. Yale University
M.Phil. Yale University
Ph.D. Yale University

Dr. Lindsey A. Beck is a social psychologist who studies how people initiate, develop, and maintain close relationships. For example, some of her current research examines how the interplay between newlywed partners' relationship styles shapes their physiological, behavioral, and psychological responses to stress. She uses diverse methodologies to investigate these topics, including developmental approaches, biological methods, field studies, experimental designs, longitudinal methods, and daily-report studies.

Her work appears in several peer-reviewed journals, including Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, Psychological Science, Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, and Journal of Family Theory and Review. She teaches courses in the psychology of close relationships, social psychology, and introduction to psychology.