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Jon Honea

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Office: Walker 912
Phone: 3582
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Jon Honea

Assistant Professor (2008)

B.A. University of Arkansas
M.A. Portland State University
Ph.D. University of Washington

Dr. Honea is an ecologist interested in the response of communities, populations, and individual species to environmental change, as well as how humans use and influence ecosystem services such as clean water provisioning. He teaches courses on ecology, sustainable resource use, environmental economics, and science communication.

His research subjects have ranged in scale from microscopic phytoplankton to insects of all sizes to 50+ pound Chinook salmon. He has recently published papers on the influence of salmon spawning on aquatic insect communities and on the potential for habitat restoration to improve the survival of endangered salmon. He is currently working on a population dynamics model to understand the negative influences on wild salmon of their interbreeding with hatchery salmon as well as to explore potential effects of climate change on the population status of endangered wild salmon.