International Student Affairs

Filing Taxes

Everyone living in the United States, including F-1 students, must file federal and state income tax forms whether they earn money in the United States or not. You may file taxes using Form 1040NR, or the shorter Form 1040NREZ, if you meet its requirements. You must also file Federal Form 8843.

You must file federal and most state taxes by April 15 if you earn money; June 15 is the deadline for federal returns if you do not earn money. If you request an extension to file your tax return and owe money but pay nothing by April 15, you will be charged monthly interest on the initial amount you owed.

If you believe your earnings from employment in the United States will complicate your tax situation in your home country, you should consider contacting an accountant. Furthermore, some countries have tax treaties with the United States that should be considered when reviewing your tax liability. The more complex your situation, the more strongly it is recommended that you seek assistance from an accountant familiar with your country's tax structure.

As tax filing time approaches in February and March, the Office of International Student Affairs provides information regarding where to find tax forms and advice.

Disclaimer: This should only be used as a guide. If you have any questions, please contact the Internal Revenue Service or your tax attorney.

Where to Get Federal Income Tax Forms

Internal Revenue Service
JFK Federal Building, Room 775
15 New Sudbury Street
(in Government Center)
Boston, MA 02203
1-800-829-1040 or 617-316-2850
Internal Revenue Service
Forms Division
P.O. Box 25866
Richmond, VA 23260

Where to Get State Income Tax Forms (For Massachusetts)

Massachusetts Department of Revenue
100 Cambridge Street (in Government Center)
Boston, MA 02204

Other Places Where You Can Find Forms

Forms are also available at many post offices (state tax forms only), public libraries, and banks from January through April.