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There are a variety of free online learning and development resources available to Emerson staff. This page lists these resources, and gives some advice for how to use them for professional development.

Emerson College's IT department recently partnered up with Online Training Library to provide free access to thousands of video tutorials to Emerson's students, faculty, and staff. You can browse tutorials by subject, software, or author, or use the search bar to find what you need. There are videos on business, management, design, developer skills, and more. Emerson Information Technology has a great guide on how to sign up for a account.

Examples of Available Courses
  • Having Difficult Conversations: Learn how to prepare for and successfully have difficult conversations with employees, managers, and colleagues.
  • Coaching and Developing Employees: Learn how to coach, transform, and empower employees and teams in ways that increase retention and team performance.
  • Time Management Fundamentals: Learn how to manage time in order to accomplish more.
  • Leading Change: Help your organization embrace change and make sure new initiatives are successful. 
  • Managing Your Manager: Discover how to manage up at work and strengthen one of your most important work relationships: your rapport with your boss.
  • Enhancing Your Productivity: Discover and learn to focus on your most valuable activities in order to enhance your productivity.
  • Building Your Professional Network: Grow your professional network and influence by building meaningful and lasting relationships.
  • Thinking Like a Leader: Develop your strategic leadership by studying and making insightful connections between your company, your market, and your customer.
  • Insights from a Career Coach: Professional career coach Valerie Sutton answers common questions about career development.
  • Managing Your Career: Learn to proactively manage your career by building a career profile that guides your future growth.
  • Achieving Your Goals: Set yourself up for success by learning to set realistic goals that can be broken into meaningful action steps.
  • Welcoming New Hires: Discover how you can effectively integrate new hires into your team and set them up for success in working with you, their colleagues, and the company at large.

Emerson Career Development

While Emerson Career Services mostly cater to student needs, this page still contains useful tips concerning cleaning up your online persona and making connections.

Emerson Library Database

Emerson's Iwasaki Library is located in the Walker Building, 120 Boylston Street, and its online database is a fantastic resource with subscriptions to academic journals, newspapers, full-text PDF research papers, and various other publications. We have access to a full-text edition of the weekly Boston Business Journal as well as full-text searchable articles from The Wall Street Journal since 1984. Staff are encouraged to use the library as a resource.

Additional Resources

  • Navigating the Transition from Friend to Boss: In a new post on, the Center for Creative Leadership senior research scientist Bill Gentry explores four specific tips for what to do when your friends and peers become your employees.
  • Speak Like A Pro (a guide to public speaking): Site sponsored by, includes links to many useful articles to prepare for giving a presentation. It also gives an inside look at the industry of voice-over artists.
  • Motivation Center: Lots of interesting articles and links about employee motivation and creating a motivational workplace.
  • Gallup Business Journal: Contains articles, books, and other resources on management and organizational and individual performance.
  • The Boston Consortium: This website contains resources, communities of practice, and professional development that is available to Emerson as a member.
  • Mind Tools: This website offers free articles and skills tests on leadership, management, communication, stress management, and much more.
  • Leading Effectively Newsletter: The Center for Creative Leadership’s Leading Effectively e-Newsletter summarizes and delivers articles on leadership and management to practicing managers who face the daily challenges of leading. 


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