Spring 2013

Highlights from some of the key discussions during the Spring 2013 semester:

  • Emerson’s Compensation and Benefits Director presented an hour-long presentation about the staff compensation study in March, and gave an update in April. The Council learned more about the detailed methodology being implemented by AON Hewitt; a consulting organization with extensive expertise and experience in compensation studies in higher education. They learned about the validation process which includes benchmarking against external positions and working with Emerson leadership to calibrate jobs across Emerson. They learned that final recommendations will be made to the Vice President of Administration and Finance and President Pelton.
  • The council gave extensive feedback on the performance evaluation process at Emerson. The Director of Staff and Organizational Development took this feedback into consideration, and is considering several changes for the 2014 cycle. For this year’s evaluations, instructions are available on the HR website, and workshops will be offered in late-May/early June.
  • The two Sub-Committees to the Council have met several times. The Total Rewards Subcommittee met to review the Compensation Study and to review key projects that are planned over the next year related to compliance, health care reform, wellness initiatives and administration of the College’s retirement plans. The Learning and Development Subcommittee met to review the high-level results of the Learning and Development Assessment. They are currently discussing potential solutions to address the results. Recommendations will be proposed to the HR Advisory Council and, where appropriate, they will then be proposed to the President’s council.
    See description of the sub-committees’ charge and a listing of the members »
  • The Council continues to discuss HR-related topics as they arise. For example, in February they were asked to review the Draft Anti-Harassment Policy. In March, the Learning & Development Subcommittee requested more information about employee policies, and as a result a link to the current draft of the Employee Handbook was posted in eCommon on the Employee tab. In April, the council discussed the taxation of tuition benefits, and as a result the Office of Human Resources is working on updating their information about when these taxes are taken from paychecks, and where to go for more information about how your tuition benefit might be taxed.