August 2013

Meeting date: Friday, August 16, 1:30–3:00

HRAC members attending: Ashley Alexander, Sharon Duffy , Matthew Finn, Beth Joress, Peter Owens, SiouxSanna Ramirez-Cruz, Katrenna Rogers, Allegra Sandak, Carol Spector

HRAC members not attending: Sara Cummings, Andrew Feland, Jim Lane, Julia Propp, Ramiro Soto, Michelle Ziomek

Meeting agenda

  • Assignments for who will produce community updates for upcoming HRAC meetings
  • Proposed Professional Development Programming
  • Update on Compensation Study
  • Any other discussion points raised by the council

Key items/Issues discussed

  • Allegra created a schedule for community update assignments. Peter distributed a template. Summaries will be communicated through the staff newsletter and the HR website.
  • Allegra previewed components of professional development programming designed to increase collaboration, foster relationships across campus, cultivate shared leadership practices, and create a culture of professional development at Emerson.
  • Peter gave an update on the staff compensation study. The process is moving forward and a timeframe for rollout to staff is being established. Stay tuned for further announcements!

Recommendations/Resolved items


Items for further review/Timeline

  • We will continue to review and provide feedback on plans for professional development programming.
  • Peter will continue to update us on the timeframe of the Staff Compensation Study. Note that this study is independent of the annual merit increase process.

Additional comments from meeting attendees

  • How do we announce new hires at the college? In general, announcing new hires is left to individual departments and is not a matter for HR.

Meeting minutes provided by: SiouxSanna Ramirez-Cruz

Meeting summary provided by: Beth Joress

Next meeting date/time: Friday, September 20, 1:30-3:00