Human Resources

New Faculty Orientation

Welcome to Emerson! We are excited to have you on campus and hope you come to feel at home here.

The College requires all new faculty members to attend an orientation session conducted by the Office of Human Resources as close as possible to their date of hire. You'll learn about the history of the College, go on a campus tour, and get detailed information about Emerson's personnel policies, procedures, benefits programs, and facilities.

Orientation sessions are generally held in the Office of Human Resources, in the Transportation Building (second floor). Sessions are held at least once a month, beginning at 8:45 am. We will notify each new employee and his/her supervisor of the date the employee is scheduled to attend an orientation session.

Documents & Forms for New Faculty Members

1. Overview of Benefits

a. Summary of Benefits

b. Health/Dental Plan Costs

2. Health & Dental

a. Benefits Enrollment Form (required)

b. Benefits Waiver (required if waiving)

c. POS vs. HMO Comparison Chart

d. Delta Dental Benefit Summary

3. Flexible Spending Accounts

a. FSA Benefit Summary & Enrollment Materials

b. FSA Eligible Expenses

c. FSA Debit Card Brochure

4. Life Insurance & Disability Info

a. Term Life Insurance and AD&D Coverage Highlights

b. Long Term Disability Insurance Plan Highlights

c. Family Medical Leave Act Information

d. Privacy Practices

e. Life Insurance Beneficiary Form (required)

5.       Voluntary Retirement Saving Plan and 403(b)

a. 403(b) Plan Details

b. Agreement for Salary Reduction

c. Verification of Service Credit

6.       Transportation and Fitness Benefits

a. Pre-Tax Transportation Benefits instructions

b. Transportation Benefits Information

c. Emerson College Fitness Benefits Information

7.       Employee Assistance Program

a. Health Advocacy Solution Overview

b. MEDEX Travel Assistance Program

c. Long Term Disability Assistance Program

8.       Policies Acknowledgements

a. Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

b. Affirmative Action Policy

c. Americans with Disabilities Act

d. Employee Ethics and Conflict of Interest Policy

e. Policy Against Discrimination and Harassment

f. Telephone Use Policy

g. Acknowledgement Form (required)

Anti-Harassment Training

All Emerson employees are required to complete an online anti-harassment training session. You will receive a registration code from Human Resources.