Staff Values and Competencies

Values and Competencies

Emerson has a set of values and competencies that apply to staff and administrators. This page contains the description of the values and competencies: values focusing on guiding the individual behaviors in a profession setting and values focusing on how work is done instead of defining what that work is. This page also contains learning guides to help staff and administration develop their core competencies and a learning map.

Excelence Flow Chart

The Emerson Model of Excellence with Individual Excellence as the core informing Service Excellence and Inclusive Excellence. This model aligns with Emerson’s vision and is supported by the competencies.

Values and Competencies

This is a (PDF) document of all values and competencies that apply to Staff. It defines them in greater depth and gives a quick overview. These make up the foundation that supports Emerson’s success. Note that while not all Competencies apply to you, you can still review and begin working towards areas that do not apply.

Competencies Learning and Course Guides

These "learning guides" and "course guides" (PDF) are guides to resources for professional growth in each competency area. Specific definitions of the competencies are included, as well as links and descriptions to resources. There are online video courses, in-person courses, articles, books, video clips, and coaching resources to accommodate any budget and preferred learning style.

Learning Guides for All Staff:






Intercultural Competence

Course Guides for Leadership and Management:

Organizational Stewardship

People Management

Results Focused

Strategic Orientation

Strategic Partnering

For a more detailed look at the Core Competencies and a few learning resources not mentioned in the guides, please refer to the Learning Map below:

Core Competencies Learning Map


Please check back here for more on Values and Competencies. Emerson will continue to develop and add learning resources to these guides. Know of a good learning resource? Have any comments or questions? Contact us at