Human Resources

Programs and Workshops

Emerson provides targeted programs and workshops to staff. These programs and workshops are designed to help staff at all levels succeed and grow in their roles at Emerson.

Managing For Excellence

Co-sponsored by Human Resources and the Office of Diversity & Inclusion, Managing For Excellence is an annual professional development series which will form the basis of a community of practice for managers at Emerson College. Through this program, managers can learn best practices, discover tools, and practice solutions in a cross-functional, inclusive environment. Human Resources will ask for applications each year.

MFE Graduation 2014

Leadership at Emerson

Leadership at Emerson premiered with its pilot program in Fall 2013. This program brings together Emerson leaders from across the community to focus on developing individual leadership capability, building a leadership community, and fostering leadership best practices across the Emerson Community. Human Resources will distribute a notification when nominations are being collected for the next course.

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Performance Management Workshops

Interactive performance management workshops are offered in the spring and fall to help all staff and managers learn the best way to use the process set expectations, set goals, provide feedback, and serve as a platform for important conversations. When available, these workshops will be announced via email, and you can sign up using the Events and Workshops page. For more information on the performance management process at Emerson College, please see the performance management website.

Community of Practice (CoP)

A Community of Practice (CoP) is a self-governed group of Emerson community members that forms because they have something in common in their professional life. A CoP is about what you do at work. This is distinct from an Employee Resource Group (ERG), which is a group of employees who join together based on shared experiences or characteristics (such as being a caregiver in your personal life).

Any member of the Emerson Community can create a CoP following the guidelines linked bellow.

President's Book Club

Sponsored by the President’s Office and coordinated in collaboration between Human Resources and the Iwasaki Library, the President’s Book Club offers an opportunity for Emerson faculty and staff to come together to discuss a book of their choosing over the course of a semester. The book club is split into two sections – fiction and non-fiction. Members meet 1-2 times a semester during lunchtime to discuss the book. The 2014 spring semester book club has already been formed, but a new invitation to participate will be extended to the community each semester. For the 2014 fall semester, the fiction and non-fiction groups are reading All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr, and Triumph of the City by Edward Glaeser, respectively.

Information Technology Workshops

Emerson IT hosts an array of computing and software workshops. Open to all current Emerson students, faculty, and staff, topics covered generally include graphics and video editing, desktop and web publishing, and more. Bring your Emerson username and password so you can participate using a lab workstation. Specific workshops are listed on the IT Workshop Calendar.

Diversity and Inclusion Programs and Services

The Office of Diversity & Inclusion offers a variety of programs and services designed to support the campus community in realizing institutional diversity and inclusion goals. In addition, the office supports the development and implementation of inclusive practices, and works to increase the intercultural development of members of our community. More specifics about these programs and services are on the Diversity and Inclusion Webpage.


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