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Staff Development Opportunities

Learning and development programming and resources at Emerson are carefully selected to support a dynamic, interconnected learning organization which supports Emerson's unique culture and values, and continually enables staff to grow and adapt in support of Emerson's vision.

Emerson: Provides support systems for professional development and ensures strategic alignment of resources with institutional goals.

Individuals: Take primary responsibility for their own career development, understanding current expectations and long-term goals and working to meet them.

Managers and Leaders: Form the link between the individual and the organization by coaching, assessing, advising, and referring employees to available resources.

As you choose which programs and resources are right for you, you should keep in mind the competencies, job responsibilities, and strategic objectives that you will be measured against through Emerson's performance management process. For more on Emerson's performance management, please refer to the performance management page.

Learning occurs in many different ways, and it occurs differently for different people. This site is designed to direct members of the Emerson community to selected resources and programming that can support that learning process. Below is an outline of the contents of this site.

Online Resources

There are a variety of free online learning and development resources available to Emerson staff. This page lists these resources, and gives some advice for how to use them for professional development.

Tip Sheets

To assist you with typical questions related to working at Emerson, we have developed (and continue to develop) a series of tip sheets, which can be found on this page.

Programs and Workshops

Emerson provides targeted programs and workshops to staff. These programs and workshops are designed to help staff at all levels succeed and grow at Emerson.

Tuition Benefits

Emerson College’s generous tuition benefits, Tuition Remission and Tuition Exchange, provide eligible employees the opportunity to take courses at Emerson College and other participating colleges through the Pro-Arts Consortium (“Tuition Remission”) and to enroll their children in other participating institutions (“Tuition Exchange”). 

Good Reads List

One of the ways to learn and grow is through reading, and this reading list aims to highlight relevant and interesting content for personal professional development.

Staff Values and Competencies

Emerson has a set of values and core competencies that apply to all staff and administrators. The values are inclusive excellence, individual excellence, and service excellence, and the core competencies are innovation, communication, collaboration, accountability, respect, and intercultural competence. This page contains the definitions of these values and competencies, and a learning map we are developing as a guide to help staff and administration develop their core competencies.

Manager's Toolkit

The Manager's Toolkit provides helpful information for supervisors and managers at Emerson on the key aspects of hiring, supervising and managing employees. The toolkit is housed on the "My Jobs" Tab on eCommon.


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