Human Resources

Transportation Benefits

Pre-Tax Transportation Benefit

Emerson College contracts with WageWorks to allow eligible employees (not spouses/domestic partners or children) to pay for train passes, MBTA passes and parking expenses online through payroll deduction, using pre-tax dollars (up to IRS amount limits). Eligible employees include staff scheduled to work at least 20 hours per week, and full-time faculty.  Work/study students, temporary employees and part-time faculty are not eligible. 

The College will deduct the cost (pre-tax as well as any after-tax, if applicable) of transit and/or parking from your last paycheck each month. Since these deductions are taken on a pre-tax basis, you are saving taxes, because you are not paying income or Social Security taxes on the wages used to purchase transit or parking. The net effect is that you are buying passes and paying for parking at a discounted price.


WageWorks currently offers the option of purchasing public transportation passes online for MBTA (i.e. Charlie Card, commuter rail), buses, trains, ferries, etc. Transit passes will be mailed to your home address.

The College does not reimburse employees for fare card losses.


WageWorks offers two options for parking:

  1. Pay my provider: WageWorks makes a monthly payment directly to the parking provider.
  2. Pay me back: Account funds are transferred to your bank account or a check is mailed to reimburse you for eligible parking expenses.

The College does not reimburse employees for fare card losses.

How to Enroll on WageWorks

To order passes or set up parking reimbursment, register on the WageWorks website and click on the "Login/Register" button (upper right hand corner of page) and then "employee registration." Follow the online instructions to create your account (note: when prompted for ID code, enter the last four digits of your SSN, not your employee ID).  You must order passes by the first day of each month for the following month (i.e.: August passes must be ordered by July 1).


Emerson College, in conjunction with TransAction Ridematching, offers eligible employees assistance in finding a carpool/vanpool partner. You can register online to find carpool/vanpool partners who live in your area and are traveling to your destination.