Emerson Closed

The College will be closed today, Monday, February 8 for day and evening classes. 

Due to National Weather Service predictions for hazardous conditions beginning mid-morning, the College is closing for the safety of our campus community and employees.

The College’s dining facilities will be open and operating on a normal schedule.  The Iwasaki Library will be open until 11pm.

Staff Compensation Study Process and Documentation

Welcome to the Staff Compensation Study site.

Source Information

The following information is related to the study:

Emerson Compensation Philosophy

The Staff Compensation Study Summary and Salary Administration Manual are designed around the Inclusive Excellence principles of providing more transparency relative to pay practices within the College, and is consistent with the following objectives:

  • To pay within the competitive pay range for all positions
  • To improve the College’s pay to the market over time
  • To create standard job levels and pay practices that ensure consistency and equity concerning how pay decisions are administered across the College
  • To ensure that Emerson’s pay program is aligned with best practices related to program design and administration, and
  • To provide information which will allow staff members to understand the progression of job levels in conjunction with staff development