The Little Building

Little Building
Little Building residents live off a corridor and in suites.

A 12-story residence hall that houses 748 students, the Little Building at 80 Boylston Street is located in the heart of Boston's Theatre District at the corner of Boylston and Tremont Streets. Residents are housed in single, double, triple, and quadruple rooms off a corridor, as well as in single and double rooms within four-, five-, and six-person suites that share a living area and bathroom. 


Room Features

  • Cable TV (one jack per room)
  • Internet (one Ethernet jack per resident)
  • Wireless Internet capability
  • Telephone service (one jack per room) 

Building Features

  • Lounges (located on every floor)
  • Laundry (located on every floor)
  • Kitchenettes (located on every floor)
  • One common study room and rec room
  • C-Store (convenience store, second floor)
  • Mailroom (second floor)
  • Dining Hall (second floor)
  • Print and Copy Center (ground floor)
  • Fitness Center (basement)

Learning Communities

Four Learning Communities call the Little Building "home": Quiet Study Floor, Digital Culture, Community Outreach, and the STAR Community. Learn more about these and several other of Emerson's Learning Communities »

Little Building Residence Hall tour

Take a tour of our Little Building residence hall. Watch video »

Little Building

Freshmen Cami and Kenzi in the Little Building

Why Live in the Little Building?

Freshmen Cami and Kenzi talk about the Little Building dorm, the largest building on campus and a hallway-style dorm that also houses the dining hall, fitness center, the Equipment Distribution Center (EDC), the Cabaret, and more. What's the best way to meet people? Cami and Kenzi suggest keeping your door open since everyone is so friendly—and even talking in the bathroom.