Learning Communities in the Residence Halls

Wellness/Substance Free

Wellness, Substance Free

Residents of the Wellness/Substance Free Floor 2015-2016.

Students living on the Wellness/Substance Free floor commit to leading a holistic, healthy lifestyle free of alcohol, nicotine, and other drugs. Open to all students, the Learning Community comes together to share ideas, techniques, and programs surrounding being holistically well in mind, body, and soul.

Whether a well/substance free lifestyle is new to you or something you have practiced for years, this Learning Community is a great place to learn, share, and experiment with wellness concepts and ideas that may not be familiar to you. These can include meditation, nutrition, breathing exercises, stress reduction, etc. Residents learn throughout the year how leading a substance-free lifestyle and making healthy and well choices can contribute to their success and contentment in college and beyond.

This Learning Community is located in the Colonial Building Residence Hall on a space-available basis.

“I think we're more than just a community - we're a family.  We're really like-minded on this floor and we all bond really well.”

“If you're someone who doesn't want to party, and be under that peer pressure, this floor lets you have a lot of fun on the weekends with other people who share your mindset. ”

“You know when you get back to your [residence hall] you're going to relax and not deal with loudness or partying or anything.  This floor feels like your home, your personal living space, a space to just kind of "be." It's a really open community, and I always feel like I can relax in my room or in the common room without really even trying.”