Learning Communities in the Residence Halls

Students Taking Active Roles (STAR)

The STAR Learning Community is designed for new students who wish to live in a dedicated community composed solely of fellow first-year students. Living on a "first year only" floor, students develop lasting relationships with other students experiencing college for the first time. Residents become familiar with important College resources and have increased contact with the Student Affairs staff.

During the fall semester, residents will take a 1-credit non-tuition bearing course devoted to college transitions, which will be held on the STAR floor. Class topics include: college learning, relationships and emotional intelligence, general personal well-being, diversity awareness, and leadership development. Special activities focus on community building, success at Emerson, and involvement in the Boston and campus communities.

The STAR Learning Community is located on the 10th floor of the Little Building Residence Hall on a space-available basis.

“Living on the STAR floor, I have had the pleasure of meeting some of the warmest and most open-hearted people at this institution...sharing the trek that is Freshman year at Emerson with [approximately] 51 other like-minded and visionary students has laid a sincere foundation upon which I may build the rest of my experiences here.”