Learning Communities in the Residence Halls

Living Green

Living Green

Living Green, working with the Campus Sustainability Coordinator Eric Van Vlanderen to plant seeds in small window boxes in the 3rd floor common room.

The Living Green Learning Community is defined by its commitment to conservation and sustainability, drawing passionate, open-minded, and forward-thinking individuals looking to enact lasting change in the realm of environmentalism at Emerson. Students in the Living Green Learning Community will participate in earnest and open discussions about environmentalism through an ethical, scientific, political, and sociological framework, community service, field trips, documentary screenings, team-building, and an overall dedication to sustainable living.

Our goal is to create a welcoming and dynamic space for open communication and open-mindedness, uniting students with a range of experiences, opinions, and viewpoints on today’s environmental topics. Pollution, sustainable food production, over-population, alternative energy, and recycling are just a few examples of the topics of interest that lie on this floor. We encourage creativity and initiative on the part of our residents, offering resources, support, and assistance with any ideas they may have.

Some programming highlights in the past have been the Living Green Garden initiative, the Living Green Thanksgiving, volunteering with The Food Project on their urban farm in Dorchester, and the annual Earth Day Charles River Cleanup.

The Living Green Learning Community is located on the 3rd floor of the Piano Row Residence Hall, a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified facility, on a space-available basis.

“The Living Green floor definitely enhanced my first year at Emerson. It was so much easier to adjust to college life when I was surrounded by people that cared about sustainability and preserving the Earth. I had creative, passionate friends built in to my floor, and we worked together on projects that I still remember as some of my favorite freshman year memories.”

“I loved living on the Living Green floor. It was a great way not only to learn about ways that I could positively impact the Emerson and Greater Boston environment, but also to meet students who were as interested in sustainability as me! Through group projects and floor events, we really explored the ways that small, creative changes in our everyday lives could be great for our environment.”