Learning Communities in the Residence Halls

Film Immersion

The Film Immersion Learning Community is a great way to begin to network with others interested in the art of film and includes those whose interest is in writing, production as well as post-production. Regardless of experience or skill level, all that is needed to be a part of Film Immersion is to have a desire to be a part of the filmmaking process.

Students in the Film Immersion community will see guest speakers and participate in film screenings among other film-related programs. Students who choose this Learning Community will work together with the Writers’ Block and Performing Cultures Learning Communities on an exciting first project, the Cornucopia of Creativity.

The Film Immersion Learning Community is located on the 5th floor of Piano Row Residence Hall.

“The Film Immersion learning community is the best place for anyone who enjoys making, and watching film. Living here gave me the opportunity to see so many films I never had before, and to discuss them with passionate, intelligent people."

“I loved living on Film Immersion for my first year at Emerson. I have gotten the chance to meet a bunch of people who are as passionate about film as I am, and have really interesting discussions about the movies we watched separately and as a group. This floor has also done a lot to fill in some gaps in my film viewing education, and give me some great recommendations of what to watch when I find myself with some free time on my hands.”