Learning Communities in the Residence Halls

Active Living

Active Living
Students in the Active Living Learning Community exercise in their common room.

The Active Living Learning Community is centered on being athletically minded and living an active lifestyle. Open to all students regardless of fitness level or prior athletic background, Active Living is a community dedicated to engaging in sports, physical activities, and a movement-filled lifestyle. 

Whether it’s a group morning run, pickup Frisbee game, dodge ball tournaments, or collaborating with student groups, students living in this Learning Community will develop leadership skills and become more involved on campus. The community allows students to develop connections with students that share common interest and relive stress by living a happy and healthy lifestyle. 

If you are looking to have fun, stay moving and find a community here on campus, then Active Living could be the place for you!

Active Living
Students in the Active Living Learning Community dedicate themselves to a fitness-filled lifestyle.

“Active Living has made my experience in Piano Row more social than I expected, and I couldn't be happier. By playing dodge ball every other week, I was able to bond with other people on my floor, along with any student who wished to join; it was also nice to see some RAs and the residence director participating. The 11th floor is nothing but diverse—from athletes to journalists to dancers—I would not be a part of the organizations I am today without the people on my floor.”