Resident Assistant

Resident Assistants
Resident Assistants (RAs) explain dorm life to new students.

Your Resident Assistant (RA) is a returning student who reports to the Residence Director and works closely with the residents on a given floor and throughout the building.

Your RA:

  • will be able to explain College policy and regulations, refer you to College services and offices, react to emergency situations, and act as a general source of support.
  • is your first contact for concerns; do not hesitate to contact your RA or any other available RA when you are in need of any kind of assistance. If the RA does not have the answer, you will be referred to an appropriate source.
  • will hold a floor meeting during Orientation week and regular meetings thereafter. At your first floor meeting, you will meet your neighbors and have the opportunity to make decisions regarding some of the rules of your hall.
  • will sponsor programs on your floor to help build community, teach about important social and intellectual issues, and have fun!