Desk Assistant

The Desk Assistants are responsible for monitoring and enforcing hall security. They screen and log in visitors and collect and distribute IDs of guests signing in and out of the hall. They also loan out hall equipment and take messages for residents.

They have a difficult and responsible job; please be considerate of and cooperate with them. Because it is not possible for all Desk Assistants to know all residents, all residents must show their IDs to the Desk Assistants each time they enter the hall.

While it is understood that this responsibility may cause some level of inconvenience to residents, that inconvenience is far outweighed by the added security this precaution provides to the community.

Desk Assistants are directed and supervised by the Residence Director (RD). If you are interested in one of these positions, contact your RD or leave your name and telephone number, and specify if you qualify for work-study employment at the residence hall staff office.