Housing & Dining

Room Change

Room changes may begin at the end of the add/drop period each semester. However, because Emerson is an urban campus, housing is limited and may prevent rooms from becoming available for a room change.

If you encounter difficulties with your roommate during the first few weeks of the semester or anytime throughout your time on campus, you should consider taking the following steps:

  1. Speak to your roommate/suitemate using some of the guidelines provided in these articles:
  2. Work with your RA to discuss various solutions to your challenges.
  3. Consider having your RA facilitate a roommate/suitemate mediation with you and your roommate/suitemate.

Mid-Semester Room Change Procedures

If after working with your RA, you are still interested in pursuing a room change in the middle of a semester, you should first meet with your Residence Director (RD) to obtain a Room Change Application. Your RD will then help you through the process of finding a new room if one is available, and then to set up the logistics of the move.

You should never change rooms without speaking to your RD and following the procedure he/she discusses with you. An unapproved room change may result in fines and/or other disciplinary action.

Fall-Spring Semester Room Change Procedures

If you are interested in living in a different room for the spring semester, you must speak with your RD and fill out a Fall-Spring Room Change Application so your request can be reviewed and considered.

All applications for spring semester room changes must be submitted to your RD by the date listed on the Fall-Spring Room Change Application.  Any applications submitted after this date will not be considered.

Please be aware that depending on the number of requests and spaces available we may not be able to accommodate all room change requests. The Office of Housing and Residence Life will communicate with you prior to the closing of the residence halls to inform you whether OHRL is able to offer you a new space for the spring semester.

If you are offered a new space for the spring semester, you must fully move out of your current room by completing an official check-out with your RA. Follow these steps:

  • Determine your move-out date and time. You must move out prior to the closing of the residence halls.

  • At least 24 hours before you wish to move out, find your RA’s check-out schedule (on the bulletin board or next to his/her door), and sign up for a check-out appointment with your RA. Please make sure to sign up during a time that works best for you and your ride (meaning you will be packed and ready to go by that time).

    • Please make sure your ride does not stop in front of the buildings along Boylston Street until you are ready to load up your car. There is absolutely no parking along Boylston Street, and Boston Police will ticket and/or tow any illegally parked vehicle.

  •  Wait for your RA in your room at the scheduled time, as she/he will come to your room at the scheduled time. When your RA arrives, your room or side should be completely empty (meaning your belongings have been packed up and moved from your room) and clean (no dust bunnies, personal belongings left in drawers, etc.).

  • You will turn in your keys to your RA and sign your room inventory form, and complete your change of address online.

If you fail to check out with your RA, you will remain in your current room for the spring semester. Please note that you may not receive your spring semester assignment prior to leaving for Winter Break, but you still must check out of your current room in order to be eligible for a new assignment.

You will receive final confirmation of your spring assignment prior to move-in in January.