Housing & Dining

Housing Contract Release/Accommodation Requests

The housing contract is for the full academic year (both fall and spring semesters). Included as a part of the housing contract is required participation in a College meal plan.

Emerson College has a Residency Requirement. Please review the Residency Requirement to determine if you are expected to live on campus. If you are an incoming student who would like to be exempt from the Residency Requirement or a current resident student who would like to request an exemption from the Residency Requirement for the next academic year, please complete an Exemption Request.

If you are currently covered by a housing contract and would like to request an accommodation or release from the contract, you will need to complete a Food and Housing Board petition. Please note there are two types of Food and Housing Board petitions and that you should complete the petition which best reflects your situation.

If the accommodation you are requesting is to be granted on-campus housing due to financial hardship that would otherwise prohibit you from attending Emerson College, you may submit a Financial Appeals Request during the Housing Selection Process only. A Financial Appeals Committee will base decisions on financial aid eligibility, special financial circumstances, class level, and overall financial hardship. Please note that only a limited number of appeals will be approved.