Housing Selection Process

Housing Selection FAQs

Housing Deposit

What if a student pays the $300 deposit and is placed on the housing waitlist?
Students who receive a letter on February 16 indicating they were not offered housing will remain on the Housing Waitlist for Fall 2016 until one of the following happens:

  1. They are offered a space on campus and they accept.
  2. They let OHRL know via email that they have found off-campus housing and no longer wish to remain on the waitlist. When a student does this, we will refund the $300 deposit as a credit to his/her student account.
  3. At the end of the add/drop period in the fall semester OHRL will release all deposits for any students still on the waitlist. At this time, the waitlist for housing for the Fall 2016 semester will be closed.

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Housing Selection Process

What if a student’s appointment time falls toward the end of Open Housing Selection—will there be any rooms left?
Yes. Although students may not get their first choice, space will be available for all participants.

I would like to see the floor plans of the buildings before I select my space. Where can I do this?
Floor plans will be available on the OHRL website.

Can I apply for a suite that is gender neutral and within a Learning Community?
Yes, you can. However, this means that all of your suitemates MUST fill out all these applications (Full Suite Selection, Gender Neutral, and Learning Community) as well, making sure you have a complete suite group and have all mutually requested each other. Note that not all Learning Communities have every type of suite. Check the floor plans for details.

What if a student cannot select housing at the scheduled time?
If you absolutely cannot log in at your appointed date/time, we recommend that you ask a good friend to log in for you by giving her/him your username and password (we recommend that you change your password soon afterward for security purposes).

If you do not feel comfortable with this option, you should email reslife@emerson.edu to inform OHRL that you are unable to select your room yourself and would like a staff member to do so for you. In this email, you should indicate what your preferences and choices are for spaces and if you have a good friend who will come to the office to help the staff member select your space.

Can a student “pull in” a roommate who has not received a Housing Selection Number, such as an incoming freshman, a rising junior who is on the waitlist, or a rising sophomore who did not complete his/her housing application?
No, only students who receive a Housing Selection Number are eligible to select housing for 2016-2017. If you attempt to pull in a student who is not eligible to participate in the Housing Selection Process, your application for housing may be voided and you will be assigned housing at the discretion of Housing and Residence Life.

One of my roommates/suitemates for next year has applied to be an RA. What do we do if she/he gets the job?
RA applicants will find out their status in the selection process on March 3, 2016. If you have already filled out your Housing Application, you can go back to the application website and revise your application with your new configuration/plan prior to the application deadline of Friday, March 18, 2016.

What happens if a student logs in to select housing after his/her housing appointment time has begun?
Students will have their own appointment in which they can select housing. If a student misses his/her own appointment time and other students have logged on to select housing, it is possible that the student who missed the appointment time, or logged in late, will lose out on their preferences. Therefore, it is important for students to log on to select housing during their housing appointment. Students will be able to access the system to choose a space for 24 hours after their appointment time.

How can students secure a single room if none are available during the Housing Selection Appointment?
The demand for single rooms often exceeds the supply, so the 2016–2017 single room waitlist will open at Open Housing Selection. Students who are unable to choose a single during Open Housing Selection may place their name on the waitlist but only after they have selected a room. As single rooms become available, students on the waitlist are contacted by the Office of Housing and Residence Life. Students who have already selected single rooms cannot place their name on the list in an attempt to be offered a “better” single.

Can students give their Housing Selection Appointment to another student?
No. Housing Selection Appointments are nontransferable.

What is the probability I will get housing if I am on the waitlist?
Students not covered by the Residency Requirement who have gone to eCommon to submit a $300 housing deposit are on the waitlist. If space becomes available, a representative from the Office of Housing and Residence Life will contact students to discuss housing options. Typically, OHRL is able to offer space to some students from the waitlist, but it is impossible to determine the likelihood that someone will get housing, as there are many factors involved in determining space availability. When OHRL is able to offer space to students on the waitlist, usually these offers will come via email in July or August before the fall semester.

What happens if I'm required to live on campus but I choose not to participate in the Housing Selection Process?
Students covered by the Residency Requirement who do not participate in the Housing Selection Process will be automatically assigned a room at the discretion of the Housing Operations staff.

I lived off-campus for the past semester/year/etc.  How can I get on-campus housing?

You will be able to submit a deposit starting on February 16, 2016 in order to get on the Housing Waitlist.  Likely if OHRL is able to offer you a space on campus, it will not be until the summer.

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Room Changes and Vacation Breaks

Can students change their room assignment before the fall term?
Students wishing to change their room assignment before the beginning of the fall semester should make an appointment with the Housing Operations Staff to discuss housing options.

Can students stay on campus during vacation breaks?
The residence halls officially close during all break periods. However, a limited amount of rooms are likely to remain open during the Thanksgiving and spring breaks for those students with extenuating circumstances.

Students seeking vacation break housing must submit an application for consideration and may be required to relocate during these periods and work at least two desk shifts. Vacation housing is not covered in the Housing Contract, therefore, a nominal fee is charged for housing during vacation periods, and meals will not be provided over the break periods.

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