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Spring 2016 Closing Information

Between finals and determining your summer plans, the end of the spring semester can be a stressful time. Here is what you need to know to make your departure from the residence halls a successful and efficient move out experience.

The residence halls close at 2pm on Friday, April 29, 2016. What are your plans for the end of the year?

Schedule a Check Out appointment with an RA OR Complete an Express Check Out

In Person Check Out Information

This appointment must take place no later than 24 hours after your last final exam, and before 2pm on Friday, April 29, 2016.  Failure to do so may result in an improper checkout fee and/or other fines.

Prepare for the RA's arrival for the Check Out appointment

  • At the time of the scheduled appointment, the RA will come to your room to conduct a room inspection, making note of any changes in the condition of your room since Move in. The RA will also collect keys, assess the cleanliness of the room, and officially check you out of your room.
  • You must have all your belongings packed and either in a cart or in the car.  The living area (including suite common areas and bathroom if applicable) should be in "broom clean" condition, and you should have said your 'goodbyes' to friends. If you fail to schedule a check out appointment with an RA, miss your appointment or are not packed and ready to go when your RA arrives, you will be charged a minimum $50 Improper Checkout fee.

Express Check Out Information

EXPRESS Check-Out is a new move-out option available to all students starting April 15. It is designed to be a fast and efficient option for students during closing.

When you are ready to leave and all your belongings have been removed from your room, make the following steps to complete an express check out:

  1. Pick up an express check out envelope in the lobby of your residence hall; fill it out (front & back).
  2. Place your keys into the envelope; seal the envelope.*
  3. Drop the envelope into the EXPRESS Check Out Box located in the lobby of your residence hall.

*If you have lost your keys, you are still required to fill out an envelope so staff know that you have moved out; Indicate that your keys are missing on the EXPRESS Check Out envelope. Doing this ensures that you are not charged an improper check-out fee ($50). If you leave without returning keys in an envelope, you will be charged for your missing keys and an improper check-out fee.

Avoid the Rush and Plan Ahead

Approximately 75% of our resident students tend to move out over the final two days of the semester (this year, April 29 and 29). This can create gridlock within the residence halls and congestion along Boylston and Washington Street. If time and proximity allow, we encourage you to send home a bulk of your belongings the weekend prior to your final departure for Summer Break—this will likely provide for a faster and more enjoyable Move Out for you and your parent/guardian.

The College does not have secured storage areas, and on-campus summer storage of student possessions is not available.  Any personal items left in rooms after closing will be considered abandoned property and will be removed and discarded at the expense of the resident.  However, during summer break periods or while they are at an External Program, some Emerson College students find it beneficial to store their belongings rather than moving/shipping them home.  Should you consider this option, please protect yourself by taking the time necessary to investigate the storage companies you are considering.  Please also know that pick-up of your belongings MUST occur no later than Wednesday, April 27, 2016.  Emerson College does not endorse any particular storage vendor, however, some important items for you to research prior to choosing a storage company include:

  • Is the storage company insured?  Have you secured proof of insurance?
  • Does the storage company have their own storage facility or do they contract for storage space with another vendor?
  • Is the storage facility climate controlled?
  • How long has the company been in business?  Can they provide references?
  • Have any claims been filed against the company through the Better Business Bureau or Attorney General’s Office?
  • What is the cost for pick-up, storage and delivery?

Laundry Carts are in high demand during Move Out, and the College cannot provide one cart for every resident student. Therefore, we encourage you to talk with your parent/guardian about bringing a hand truck or dollie from home to assist with Move Out.

The area along Boylston and Washington Street will be reserved on April 28 and 29 for active loading of vehicles only. This means that families CANNOT park along Boylston unless you are en route with your belongings to load up the car. Cars that remain along Boylston and Washington Street for longer than 10 minutes will be asked to move to allow for the loading of additional cars, and drivers of cars that fail to leave after that 10 minute period run the risk of receiving a minimum $50 Improper Checkout Fee.

Communicate with your parent/guardian about Move Out

We ask you to plan ahead and communicate with your parent/guardian regarding the time of your scheduled move out, their estimated arrival to campus, storage plans, etc. In addition, on the day of your departure from campus, we ask your ride to call you when they are 10–15 minutes from campus to check on your progress and make your final Move Out plans accordingly (i.e. if you are ready to pack up the car, your ride can pull up along Boylston, and if you are not ready, your ride can park at a meter or in an area parking garage.)

For Students returning to live on the Boston Campus in Fall 2016:

It is the students responsibility to provide a mail forwarding address to the Emerson College Mailroom in order to have their US Postal mail forwarded to their preferred summer address. Students can complete an online mail forwarding request form. You must login using your Emerson username and password no later than Tuesday, May 10, 2016.  Mail forwarding will begin on Tuesday, May 10, 2016. Please see the following guidelines for mail forwarding:

  • If a student does not complete a mail forwarding request online by Tuesday, May 10, 2016, their mail will be returned to sender.
  • Mail cannot be held for students during the summer months  Mail cannot be forwarded to addresses outside the US.  Arrangements should be made to have addresses changed with businesses, campus, creditors, etc prior to your checkout.
  • Only 1st Class mail can be forwarded.  Campus mail, standard mail, non-profit organization mail, and special deliveries cannot be forwarded.  Therefore, it is important that students notify businesses, bill collectors, family, and friends of their change in address in order to avoid potential concerns.
  • Deliveries from FedEx, UPS, and other parcel carriers cannot be forwarded.  Packages and letters sent through these vendors will be returned to sender. 
  • We strongly encourage you to set a reminder for yourself to change addresses with carriers with whom you have regular deliveries.

For students not returning to live on the Boston campus in fall 2016:

If you are graduating, moving off-campus, taking a leave of absence, withdrawing or any other reason that results in you not living on campus in Boston for Fall 2016, your mail will NOT be forwarded by the Emerson College Mailroom. You MUST forward your mail through the US Postal Service.

Extended Stay Housing

If you are remaining on campus beyond 2pm on Friday, April 29, you must have a College-related or OHRL approved reason to stay on campus, AND you must apply for Extended Stay Housing by April 15, 2016.

Approved reasons for Extended Stay Housing may include:

  1. Serving as a Desk Assistant working between April 29 and May 9.
  2. An employee of a campus office or department working beyond April 29.
  3. An Orientation Leader staying for May Training
  4. A Commencement Volunteer
  5. A graduating senior who currently lives on campus
  6. Working or attending the EVVY’s (Students attending the EVVY’s will need to indicate their ticket number on their Extended Stay Housing application)

Extended Stay Application and Approval Process

This year, students will apply for Extended Stay Housing online. The online housing application will be available between March 21–April 15.

When you apply for Extended Stay Housing, you will also apply for your preferred date and time to check-out.

You will then receive notification by April 23–24 regarding whether you have been approved for Extended Stay Housing. This notification will also inform you of your assigned check-out date and time.

Regulations during the Extended Stay Housing Period

  1. Students currently on College, disciplinary or Housing probation MAY NOT PARTICIPATE in Extended Stay housing!
  2. Only graduating seniors and OHRL staff may have off-campus guests.
  3. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in any residence hall.
  4. All other college rules, policies and regulations remain in effect.
  5. Failure to check out at your assigned check-out date and time will result in a minimum improper checkout charge of $50
  6. Housing extensions are only made for the purpose stated on the Extended Stay Agreement. Any students who do not participate in the activities for which they have been approved will be subject to conduct follow up. This may include a minimum $25 per day fine and could jeopardize their 2016–2017 housing.