Winter Break Closing Information

Between finals and determining your spring semester plans, the end of the fall semester can be a stressful time. Here is what you need to know to make your departure from the residence halls a successful and efficient move-out experience.

The residence halls close at Noon on Thursday December 17, 2015 and reopen for returning students at 9am on Saturday January 9, 2016. What are your plans for the end of the semester?

If you are planning to return to your current room in spring 2016:

Please make sure you take home all necessary items. The halls are completely closed during the Break, so you will not be able to enter the residence halls during the Break period to retrieve forgotten items. Hall access into the residence halls will be turned off.

The Office of Housing and Residence Life and/or the Facilities Management Department will conduct an inspection of all rooms and furnishings over the break.

Failure to follow the procedures outlined below could result in a minimum fine of $50.00:

  • Sign the Departure Slip the RAs will tape to your door.
  • Close and secure all windows in your room.
  • If you live in the Little Building, please turn your thermostat to LOW.
  • If you live in Piano Row, Colonial or Paramount, please keep the heating unit set on heat, and keep the temp set to a minimum of 60 degrees.
  • Unplug ALL electrical devices in your room.
  • Unplug, defrost, and clean your refrigerator.
  • Please make sure you take home any fish tanks.
  • Turn off ALL lights.
  • Empty all trash and perishable items before you leave.
  • Lock your door, and take your keys and ID card. Remember to bring your keys and ID back with you!
  • You must strictly adhere to the departure and return times included in this notice.

If you are not planning to stay in your current room for spring 2016:

If you are planning to go to an External Program, study abroad, take a Leave of Absence, Withdraw or have applied to change rooms, here are the procedures to use to check out. For Further information on changing rooms, see the room changes page.

  • Determine your move-out date and time

  • Sign up for a checkout appointment with your RA (or an RA in your building if your floor RA is not available)

    • At least 24 hours before you wish to move out, sign up for a checkout appointment with your RA. Please make sure to sign up during the time that works best for you and your ride (meaning you will be packed and ready to go by that time).
  • Be ready for your checkout meeting with your RA and Complete an Official Checkout

    • When your RA arrives, your room or side should be completely empty (meaning your belonging have been packed up and moved from your room) and clean (no dust bunnies, personal belongings left in drawers, etc.).
    • You will turn in your keys to your RA and electronically sign your room inventory form.

Please note: During your check-out, the RA will inspect and note the conditions of your room, emphasizing the furnishings and overall cleanliness. If the RA notices any discrepancies in the condition of your room between check-in and check-out, he/she will indicate this on your Room Condition Form. After the residence halls have closed, the building RD and/or staff from the Facilities Management will carefully check all items and assess damage charges as appropriate.

  • Once you have checked out with an RA, you can return to your vehicle and start your Winter Break.

    • Please make sure your ride does not stop in front of the buildings along Boylston until you have checked out with an RA, returned your keys and are ready to load your car. There is absolutely no parking along Boylston Street, and Boston Police will ticket and/or tow any illegally parked vehicle.