Graduate Studies

Academic Forms

Read the Graduate Student Handbook for information on the following academic forms.

General Petition

For any requests for changes in degree requirements such as course substitutions, waivers, or changes in the program of study requirements.

Leave of Absence/Withdrawal

A withdrawal (WD) signifies a decision not to return to the institution. A leave of absence (LOA) is a temporary leave from the College and is valid for up to one year. Students wishing to extend their leave of absence beyond one year must submit a new request for a leave of absence. Students returning from a leave of absence must complete the Request to Re-Register from a Leave of Absence form. Graduate students who have a fellowship should also read the Graduate Fellowship Appeal / Special Circumstances form.

Transfer Credits / Advanced Standing

Graduate students should use the Course Credit Consolidation Form to transfer credits from Emerson College’s Department of Professional Studies and Special Programs, or the Petition to Transfer Credit to transfer credits from another institution. The Advanced Standing form is for use by programs that allow for advanced standing prior to enrollment.

Extension of Candidacy

To request an extension of the time limit for completing degree requirements.

Petition to Waive Continuing Student Status Fee

Students who fail to register continuously will be assessed a fee for the semester they are not registered. Use this waiver request form if you have finished all your degree requirements but still need to take your comprehensive examination, finish your thesis/project, or finish your Incompletes.

Master’s Theses/Projects

Graduate students completing a master's thesis or project must follow the latest copy of the Master’s Thesis/Project Guidelines. Below is the latest copy of these guidelines, as well as templates for the title, approval, and abstract pages.

Graduate Directed Study/Project & Master’s Thesis/Project Chair Registration Forms

The Registrar’s Office is the keeper of the Directed Study/Project and Master’s Thesis/Project Registration forms. These forms can be found on the Registrar’s Office’s Contract Courses page.

Contact the Office of Graduate Studies with questions.