Creative Portfolio

Film and Media Art: Creative Portfolio Requirement

Creative submissions can be uploaded directly to the graduate application.

Portfolio Suggestions

  • Submit work that gives the committee the best sense of your creative potential. This can be media work (film, video, sound, interactive work, etc.) but can also be writing samples, photography, music or performance documentation, or scholarly work.
  • For linear work, submit 10 to 15 minutes of material. It can be a single work, an excerpt, or multiple excerpts. Please include the date of production and the production credits that make clear the applicant’s role. (No trailers please.)
  • Screenplays should be in standard Hollywood format or two-column script form, 15 pages (double-spaced) maximum.
  • Web-based or interactive work should require only widely available plug-ins.

Please contact the Office of Graduate Admission with questions about submitting your work to the Committee, at either 617-824-8610 or