Emerson Profiles

Some of our most successful alumni share their Emerson experiences and career advice.

  • Raj Sharma

    Raj Sharma , '83

    Managing Director of Investments/private wealth advisor, Merrill Lynch

    Be a continuous learning machine. The best thing you can do is add to your knowledge in several dimensions.

  • Rev. Suzan Johnson Cook

    Rev. Suzan Johnson Cook , '76

    U.S. Ambassador-at-Large, International Religious Freedom, Former Emerson Trustee

    Stay focused and never lose your dream. Dreams don't have an expiration date.

  • Samantha Sussman

    Samantha Sussman , '11

    Graduate student in Communication Disorders

    Samantha Sussman shares her experience as a graduate student in the Communication Disorders program.

  • Sarah Lambert

    Sarah Lambert , '11

    Graduate student in Global Marketing Communication & Advertising

    Sarah Lambert is a graduate student in Global Marketing Communication & Advertising.

  • Shannon Kelley Felton

    Shannon Kelley Felton , '10

    British Consulate General in Boston; Deputy Head of Politics, Press, and Public Affairs

    "It is essential in this job to know who’s who, and many of those people are Emersonians! We could have a coffee table book of impressive alumni."

  • Stacy McKee

    Stacy McKee , MFA '99

    Staff writer and co-executive producer, ABC-TV

    Educate yourself on all Emerson has to offer. Then, once you've read all about the amazing classes and far-away campuses and dream internships, get started on them. Right now!

  • Stephanie Hubbell

    Stephanie Hubbell , MS '14

    Speech-language pathologist, Neighborhood Charter School

    It was important to me to jump into a fast-paced program that combined rigorous academics with hands-on experience from the onset.

  • Terry Stackhouse

    Terry Stackhouse , '12

    Undergraduate student in Journalism

    Terry Stackhouse is an undergraduate student in journalism.

  • Thomas Shull

    Thomas Shull , '08

    Speech-language pathologist, Boston Public Schools

    I never felt like learning at Emerson College was between me and a book. Ideas were alive--something to be debated, dismantled, and shared.

  • tina egnoski

    Tina Egnoski , MFA '97


    Take advantage of the other writers around you, both instructors and fellow students. Show them your work. Ask questions: What's working in this story? What's not working? - and listen to what they have to say with an open mind. Read their work and offer constructive criticism with an open heart. It's not about competition, but camaraderie.