Emerson Profiles

Some of our most successful alumni share their Emerson experiences and career advice.

  • Ketan Deshpande

    Ketan Deshpande , '11

    Graduate student in Integrated Marketing Communication

    Ketan Deshpande is a graduate student in the Integrated Marketing Communication program.

  • Kim Swann

    Kim Swann , 1981

    Partner, Executive Producer at Carousel Entertainment Group

    Award-winning television producer, production executive, and creative consultant Kim Swann credits Emerson College alumni for helping her find her way.

  • Laura van de Berg

    Laura van den Berg , MFA '08

    Writer, teacher, editor

    A number of experiences at Emerson helped shape my writing: the teachers I worked with, the connections I formed with my peers, the support and camaraderie, the wealth of opportunities available in Boston and its rich literary culture.

  • Lisa Gregorian

    Lisa Gregorian , '83, MA '86

    Chief Marketing Officer, Warner Bros. Television Group

    There's a lot of us in the business. You can't escape Emersonians.

  • Matt Labov

    Matt Labov , 1990

    Hollywood Publicist

    Labov says the days he spent earning a degree in Broadcast Journalism at Emerson College helped him establish a strong work ethic, something he has relied on throughout his career as a publicist.

  • matthew salesses

    Matthew Salesses , MFA '10


    Editing Redivider, the graduate literary journal, was one of the highlights of Emerson for me. Getting a look at the other side of publishing was really helpful to my writing, and gave me the chance to meet some great writers and people.
  • Melissa Ly

    Melissa Ly , BS'11, MS '13

    Speech-Language Pathologist, Pediatric Therapy Network

    My clinical placements during grad school were amazing, as each one taught me a different skill set and has shaped who I am as a clinician today. 

  • Melissa Zabala

    Melissa Zabala , MS '05

    Speech-language pathologist, Mount Auburn Hospital

    Emerson boasts of a challenging and rigorous academic program for CSD students, which leads to developing strong interpersonal and clinical skills through internships and coursework. 

  • Paul Ryan

    Paul Ryan , '11

    Graduate student in Publishing & Writing

    Paul Ryan describes his experience as a graduate student in Publishing and Writing in the Writing, Literature and Publishing program.

  • Rachel Freedman

    Rachel Freedman , '12

    Undergraduate student in Interdisciplinary Studies

    Rachel Freedman is an undergraduate student in Interdisciplinary Studies.