Emerson Profiles

Some of our most successful alumni share their Emerson experiences and career advice.

  • Elspeth Cypher

    Elspeth Cypher , '80

    Associate Justice, Massachusetts Appeals Court

    Participate in extracurricular activities, especially debate and forensics. They're instrumental in training you to think and speak, as well as preparing you academically for graduate school.

  • Eric Wasserman , MFA '02

    Author, professor

    Continually rededicate yourself to what you've chosen as your life's passion. It can be frustrating to see your classmates succeeding when you are still struggling. But be happy for them and be steadfast in your own dedication, because your time will come and you will want those peers to be happy for you when it does.
  • Felicia Pride

    Felicia Pride , MA '05


    Take advantage of everything - from clubs and organizations to travel, connecting with professors and meeting people. Soak it all in. And make the experience your own.

  • Henry Winkler

    Henry Winkler , '67

    Actor, author

    What you put in is what you get out. The enthusiasm you bring with you to the campus will pay you back with knowledge, pride, professionalism, and reputation.

  • Holly Bario

    Holly Bario , 1989

    President of Production at DreamWorks Studios

    As the President of Production at DreamWorks Studios, Holly Bario ’89 is one of the most powerful women in entertainment.

  • Jim Vescera

    Jim Vescera , '78

    Executive Vice President, Creative Director, NBC Entertainment Marketing

    The Emerson Mafia is present in every aspect of the entertainment business. I've worked for some, hired others,and collaborated with many more.

  • Joel Schwartzberg

    Joel Schwartzberg , '90

    Director of Digital Strategy for Moyers & Company

    At Emerson, there are so many opportunities to produce; there's little excuse for sitting in your dorm room thinking, "Someday I'd like to..." Also, consider forensics - the training is invaluable. And eat breakfast regularly.

  • Jonathan Hatch

    Jonathan Hatch , MS '15

    Clinical Fellow, Children's Speech & Feeding Therapy, Inc.

    The importance of community to the Emerson CSD faculty was evident in the special clinical groups offered at the Robbins Speech, Language and Hearing Center.

  • Joseph Leo Bwarie

    Joseph Leo Bwarie , '99

    Actor and singer

    Work hard. When you are responsible, respectful, and work hard, other people want to work with you. Dreams can come true, but they don't just happen. You have to do everything in your capable hands to make it happen.

  • Katie Cuca

    Kathryn Cuca , '11

    Graduate student in Theatre Education

    Kathryn Cuca is a graduate student in Theatre Education.