Emerson Profiles

Some of our most successful alumni share their Emerson experiences and career advice.

  • Anaridis Rodriguez

    Anaridis Rodriguez , '11

    Graduate student in Journalism

    Anaridis Rodriguez is a graduate student in Journalism.

  • anne vickman

    Anne Vickman , MA '10

    Editor, writer, blogger

    Be proactive! Talk to people. Tell people what you're interested in and make an effort to get to know people in your field. If you put it out there, good things will happen.
  • Art Silverman

    Art Silverman , '71

    Senior Producer, NPR's All Things Considered

    Play with others: Use the wide range of talent there is across disciplines.
  • Beth Balaban

    Beth Balaban , '11

    Graduate student in Media Art

    Beth Balaban is a graduate student in the Media Art program.

  • Betsy Morgan

    Betsy Morgan , '03

    Broadway actor

    "Stay weird! At Emerson, I learned to be my crazy, high energy, unique self, and the more I stay true to that person, the more interesting I am in an audition room and hopefully onstage."

  • Bonnie Comley

    Bonnie Comley , MA '94

    Broadway producer, actor, writer, and Tony Award–winner

    Emerson is a great place to experiment and make mistakes. In fact, sometimes the mistake is better than the original plan!
  • Chris Lynch

    Chris Lynch , MA '91


    Take advantage of what is probably the best population you will ever find in terms of fellow travelers. Get all you can from them, and give all you can to them, because you benefit both ways.
  • Dawn Steinberg

    Dawn Steinberg , '83

    Executive Vice President, Talent and Casting, Sony Pictures Television

    Dabble in everything. Find out what you're really passionate about and just go for it. Use all that dabbling knowledge in what you ultimately decide to do.
  • Denis Leary

    Denis Leary , '79

    Author, actor, producer, and comedian

    The friends you make at Emerson not only become friends for life, but due to Emerson's track record, you end up working together professionally off and on for the duration of your career.

  • Doug Herzog

    Doug Herzog , '81

    President of Viacom Entertainment Group

    If you are already at Emerson College, then you're already on your way. There is a tremendous Emerson network out there, with a proud history of mentoring newcomers and pointing fellow alumni in the right direction.