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Health & Safety

Every full-time and part-time student enrolled in an institution of higher learning in Massachusetts is required to participate in a student health insurance program or in a health benefit plan with comparable coverage. This includes students participating in the Los Angeles Program. For those of you who are not California residents: insurance carriers may not cover you adequately in California. It is vitally important that you and your family research this before you arrive in Los Angeles. All too often participants arrive in Los Angeles only to discover that significant medical expenses are not covered and must be paid out of pocket; or they must travel back home to receive medical care.

Health Insurance

Full information can be found at the Massachusetts Student Health Insurance website if you have additional concerns about Massachusetts requirements.  

If a student has an alternate health plan with comparable coverage under his/her parents’ insurance, the student may request a waiver from participating in Emerson College’s sponsored student health plan. An alternate health plan to be comparable to the student health plan must:

  • The plan must provide to the student reasonably comprehensive coverage of health services, including preventive and primary care, emergency services, hospitalization benefits, ambulatory patient services, and mental health services throughout the school year.
  • The services covered under the alternate health plan must be reasonably accessible for all health services to the student in the area where the student attends school.
  • A health plan through a closed network of providers and accessible only for emergency services is NOT comparable coverage. Students and parents should be aware of this very important fact.
  • Students who have out of area HMOs (for example Kaiser Permanente, Empire of NY, and others) may not have comparable coverage as these types of plans only provide coverage for emergency care or when provided by a network of clinicians not available in the Emerson campus area.
  • The burden of proof that the alternate insurance is adequate falls on the student.

Please check with your insurance agent regarding any policy questions or concerns you may have about health benefits while living and traveling in California.  If you believe your current insurance policy does not provide sufficient medical coverage while out of your state/geographical service area, please research a health insurance plan that does.

If your current plan meets the coverage requirements, please follow instructions for the Student Health Insurance Plan Online Waiver Form.

View information about the Aetna Student Health Plan.

Regardless of your insurance plan, if you know that you will need medical services while in Los Angeles, please start to research Los Angeles area providers covered by your insurance plan. ELA employees don’t make medical referrals.

Public Safety and What to Do in an Emergency

Emerson College Los Angeles is staffed 24 hours a day with contract security team that is able to communicate with the Emerson College Police Department and the Los Angeles Police Department.

We value your safety and security.

During your stay here you will be required to complete Fire/Life/Safety online training that will cover fire safety, earthquake safety, and a host of related topics. In addition to the Fire/Life/Safety training you are be required to complete online, during ELA orientation there will be a safety session that will address the center’s safety and security procedures.

 Building evacuation procedures are posted on the back of your residence doors.

Psychological Counseling Services

Professional counseling services are available off campus for students who need assistance with personal concerns, family problems, or other psychological issues. Students will have to pay up front and will need to complete a claim report and follow the insurance company’s policy for reimbursement.

  • Emerson College Los Angeles offers a referral for counseling and therapy to students who need this service. For referrals and more information, contact Kerri McManus, Director of Internships and Student Services.
  • You may also contact the Boston Campus’s Counseling and Psychological Services for a referral list of Los Angeles area psychotherapists and psychiatrists. Please contact Elise Harrison, Ph.D., LMFT, Director

Emerson Counseling and Psychological Services

216 Tremont Street
2nd Floor
(617) 824-8595

For Psychiatric Emergencies

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Ruth and Harry Roman Emergency Department

8700 Beverly Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90048

Hours: Open 24 hours a day

Phone: (310) 423-3277


Prescription Medication

If you know that you will need medication while in Los Angeles, ensure you bring an adequate supply with you. Otherwise, you will have to make arrangements to acquire the medications you need in California. Discuss this with your parents. This may or may not necessitate finding a local (Los Angeles) physician. A bit of planning now can save you much trouble later on.

Insurance Documents

Be sure to bring your insurance card with you for any medical visits and always provide your permanent address on any medical paperwork to ensure that you are billed appropriately. All students are responsible for their individual bills. Many medical facilities will ask you to sign a waiver in order to receive treatment. They ask you to sign a waiver because often they can’t verify your insurance information on weekends or on weekdays when the insurance carrier verification lines are closed.

Please note: Students with outstanding bills for medical services may have a “hold” placed on their Emerson account until payment is received by the college or the service provider.

Local Health Care Services and Hotlines

Unlike the Boston campus, the Los Angeles Center has no on-site health care facility. In the event that you require medical attention during your semester in LA, we provide below a list of the closest recommended health facilities. If you are unable safely to drive to a health facility, you should call 911.

Urgent Care Centers

Hollywood Walk-in Clinic

6430 Selma Ave, Hollywood, CA 90028

(323) 848-4522


Saban Free Clinic

6043 Hollywood Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90028



Emergency Room Services

Cedars – Sinai Medical Center

8700 Beverly Blvd,

West Hollywood, CA 90048

Hours: Open 24 hours a day

Phone: (310) 423-3277


Sexual Assault Centers

Santa Monica - UCLA Medical Center

1250 Sixteenth Street

Santa Monica, CA. 90404

(310) 319-4000


Hours of Operation: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Peace Over Violence

Peace Over Violence is a nonprofit 501c3, multicultural, community based and volunteer centered organization dedicated to a building healthy relationships, families and communities free from sexual, domestic and interpersonal violence.

1015 Wilshire Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90017

24-Hour Hotlines:





Other Local Health Services and Resources

Planned Parenthood 

Hours and Days of Operation:

Monday: 8:00AM - 5:00PM

Tues - Fri: 8:00AM - 5:00PM

Saturday: 8:00AM - 4:00PM

Sunday: CLOSED

916 W. Burbank Blvd. 1014 1/2 N Vermont Ave
Burbank, CA 91502 Los Angeles, CA 90029
818.562.5777 323.226.0800

Alcoholics Anonymous

4311 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 104

Los Angeles, CA 90010

24 Hour Hotline: 323.936.4343

Suicide Prevention Hotline 877-727-4747
Drug Addiction Hotline 800-827-5596
Poison Control Hotline 800-876-4766