Emerson Los Angeles


On-Campus Housing Requirement

On-campus housing is mandatory for undergraduate students and optional for graduate students and students over the age of 24. However, if your home is within Los Angeles County and you are interested in living at home with a parent or legal guardian, you can petition to live off campus by completing a Los Angeles Housing Petition Form. Please contact the External Programs Office for a petition form.

Parking Regulations

ELA has the right and obligation to control traffic and parking at our facility. The operation of a motor vehicle at the center is a privilege granted by the College and is not a right of any employee, student or visitor. ELA parking rules and regulations are designed to aid the flow of traffic, provide the maximum amount of parking possible, and aid in the safety for all guests of the center.


All vehicles parked at the center are required to obtain a parking permit and transponder. Everyone who is issued a parking permit/transponder will have a designated parking spot. If students have opted out of underground parking, they must pay to park in another facility.

ELA Building

ELA's 100,000-plus square-foot building features classrooms, offices, 217 dormitory beds, and an underground parking garage

ELA Program Requirements

Fall and Spring Student Requirements

  • Undergraduates must register for a full course load (12 - 16 credits)

  • Grad students must register for a minimum of 8 credits and a maximum of 12 credits

  • The internship must be taken for either 4 or 8 credits

  • ELA students must attend at least two professional development opportunities during their semester in the program.

  • ELA students must also participate in at least two civic engagement opportunities during their semester in the program.

Summer Student Requirements

  • Undergraduate and graduate students must register for a minimum of 8 credits and a maximum of 12 credits

Minimum 2.7 GPA

The Los Angeles Program is open to juniors, seniors, and graduate students in good social standing. The minimum cumulative grade point average requirement is 2.7, before application, during semester(s) preceding your participation in the program, and while in the program.

Guest Policy

Guests may not stay longer than three days within a seven-day period. THIS POLICY IS STRICTLY ENFORCED.

Your roommate(s) must also agree to accommodate guests. You will be held responsible for your guest’s behavior, both in the suite and in the common areas in the center. You must accompany your guest at all times.

Students who disregard the guest policy will be subject to dismissal from the program.


For health reasons, no pets are allowed in the Residence Hall, with the exception of fish.

Fish tanks are not to exceed 10 gallons. Fish tanks, as well as all other electrical appliances, must be unplugged during periods when the Residence Hall is closed. Animals are not allowed at ELA except in the case of service animals and Disability Services–approved therapy animals.

No Smoking Policy

ELA is a smoke-free zone. There is absolutely no smoking, including the use of electronic smoking devices, inside the building, on any of the terraces or outdoor gathering spaces near the building or within 25 feet of any entrance or air intake of the building.


No Drinking and Driving Policy

Per the Emerson College Student Handbook (page 65) drinking and driving will not be tolerated at ELA. Students found responsible for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be subject to dismissal from the program.

Facility Use Policy

Please be courteous and pick up after yourself. Dispose of all food items, beverage containers, trash, etc. that you bring into the classroom, common area, kitchen or other public spaces.

Medical Insurance Requirement

Every full-time and part-time student enrolled in an institution of higher learning in Massachusetts is required to participate in a student health insurance program or in a health benefit plan with comparable coverage. This includes students participating in the Los Angeles Program. For those of you who are not California residents: insurance carriers may not cover you adequately in California. It is vitally important that you and your family research this before you arrive in Los Angeles. All too often participants arrive in Los Angeles only to discover that significant medical expenses are not covered and must be paid out of pocket; or they must travel back home to receive medical care.

Please view MANDATED REQUIREMENTS for information about student insurance health requirements.

Mandatory Meeting Requirements

Mandatory Los Angeles Program Information Session

Once students are accepted into the program, they will be required to attend an mandatory meeting about the program. Information sessions are held in mid-October for spring attendees and mid-March for fall and summer term participants.

Los Angeles Program staff will brief students about internships, ELA housing and what to expect during their semester in Los Angeles. ELA program staff will answer any questions or concerns you have regarding the program. After the information sessions are held, instructions regarding Los Angeles housing will be sent to students so they can begin the process of room and roommate selection.

Spring 2015 accepted Students: You must attend ONE of these meetings:

  • SPRING 2015 - LA Program Info Session - Wednesday, October 1st 6:00–8:00 pm in the Semel Theater, Tufte Building, 3rd Floor
  • SPRING 2015 - LA Program Info Session - Thursday, October 2nd 2:00–4:00 pm in the Bill Bordy Theater, 216 Tremont St., Ground Floor
  • SPRING 2015 - LA Program Info Session - Thursday, October 3rd - 10:00 am–12:00 noon in the Bill Bordy Theater, 216 Tremont St., Ground Floor