Los Angeles

Internship Timeline Spring 2015

October 1–3

Mandatory Information Sessions in Boston (see below)

October 1–Spring Semester 2015

Keep your Emerson email address in good working order.

You may forward mail from another account to your Emerson address. All information from ELA will be sent to your EC-mail account.

October 13–December 1

Write your résumé and cover letter!

You must attend a Career Services Workshop for resume and cover letters. You must sign-up to attend the workshop. Contact Career Services to sign-up. Or you can make an appointment with a Career Advisor to discuss your resume and cover letter. Career Services also has some resume examples and resources posted under the “Resource Library” section in the eHire system

October 13–January 1, 2015

Do your research

  • Think about what type of internship you would like to focus on during your semester in Los Angeles.
  • Think about your community service requirement.
  • Do research on LA community service opportunities that interest you.
  • Fill out your eHire Student Profile. Please be sure to fill out all fields with red asterisks!!!!
  • Peruse the eHire internship database to consider possible internships. (Go to eHire login page and enter your Emerson email address and password. Typing in a keyword (e.g., film development) can assist in narrowing your search in eHire.
  • Surf the web for information about companies that interest you (Google, Lexus Nexus). Please note: you may apply to internships that are not listed in eHire, but all internships must be approved by the Director of Internships at the LA Center before you can begin.
  • Visit the Career Services Office and review the student evaluations of intern sites from previous semesters.

October 13 – January 27, 2015

Advising Period

During this time you may email your advisor with any questions you have about your internship choices.

  • If your last name begins with A–K, your advisor is Kerri McManus.
  • If your last name begins with L–Z, your adviser is Larry Caldwell.

You may also phone your advisor with general questions; usually this concerns how to make your selections or how to focus your internship search. You must email your advisor to set up a PHONE APPOINTMENT.

October 20 – January 27, 2015

Apply for Internships! FOLLOW UP IF YOU CAN!

Even though you may also apply for internships once you reach Los Angeles, you are strongly urged to begin your application process BEFORE mid-December. You may apply to as many intern sites as you wish.

If you narrow your search to internships that most complement your background and interests and if you write an EXCELLENT résumé and cover letter, you should receive several responses. After you apply for an internship, you should FOLLOW UP with a phone call if that information is available to you.

Faxes get lost and emails get deleted, so be sure to follow up with your intern site shortly after sending your résumé. If you receive a response from your application, try to set up an interview for the first week of your arrival in Los Angeles.

November 1  –January 27, 2014

Peruse the Hot Site Lists!

Hot Site Lists will be sent to you during the course of the advising period and after. Generally, we send four to five Hot Site Lists via email to all incoming students.

The Hot Site Lists have dozens of internship listings and alert you to NEW internships and usually include our BEST and most FREQUENTLY REQUESTED intern site information. You are free to apply to any of the internships on the Hot Site Lists.

November 15  

Send a report to your internship advisor, listing the names of at least 3 companies to which you have applied

December 10

Report where you are interning to your internship advisor!

January 10–11, 2015

Arrival in Los Angeles

  • Check into ELA

January 12, 2015

Welcome Dinner 7:30 PM

January 13, 2015

MANDATORY MEETINGS - Student Life Orientations


January 14, 2015



  • Mandatory: Internship Advising Meetings.
  • Mandatory: Internship Orientation.
  • Mandatory: First Internship Class Meeting (attendance will impact your internship grade)
  • Mandatory: Faculty Orientation. Meet the faculty and receive syllabi for your academic classes.

January 12–January 27, 2015

It’s a good idea to set up an appointment with your internship advisor once you arrive in Los Angeles. We can facilitate your search and final selection, check on intern sites for you, and call sites that may not allow student phone calls.

January 30, 2015

Learning Agreements due before 5:00 pm.

ELA Mandatory Meeting Dates

ALL SPRING 15 ELA STUDENTS must attend one of these meetings:

  • October 1: Mandatory Spring 2015 Program Information Session 6:00–8:00 pm–Semel Theatre, Tufte Building, 3rd Floor
  • October 2: Mandatory Spring 2015 Program Information Session 2:00–4:00 pm–Bill Bordy Theater, 214 Tremont St.
  • October 3: Mandatory Spring 2015 Program Information Session 10:00–12 noon - Bill Bordy Theater, 214 Tremont St.

Who Is My Internship Advisor?

If your last name begins with A–K your advisor is Kerri McManus

If your last name begins with L–Z your advisor is Larry Caldwell