Emerson Los Angeles Faculty

Peter Schink

Los Angeles Part Time Faculty (2008)

B.A. Loyola Marymount University

Peter Schink

Peter Schink edited feature films for 20 years in Hollywood. His credits include Twentieth Century Fox's The Chase, Top Dog from MGM, Barb Wire from Polygram, and Detroit Rock City from New Line Cinema.


Starting with the cult favorite The Dark Backward, Peter has worked closely with writer/director Adam Rifkin (Small Soldiers and Mousehunt) and has co-produced two features for Rifkin's own production company. Peter contributed to the book Transitions: Voices on the Craft of Digital Editing, published by D-vision. In recent years, he has focused his talents on screenwriting. He wrote the screenplay for Legion, released in 2010. Peter teaches The Aesthetics of Film Editing.


Phone: 323-952-6411

E-Mail: peter_schink@emerson.edu