Emerson Los Angeles

About the Program

At Emerson College Los Angeles (ELA) student interns integrate theory and practice in an atmosphere of "experiential learning" with the goals of self-knowledge, personal growth, and career development.

Emerson Los Angeles

Emerson College Los Angeles (ELA)  is located in Central Hollywood's historic studio district.

The ELA Program aims to prepare sudents to be employable, productive and successful in their chosen field.  Interning with industry professionals such as set designers, film editors, writers, stage managers, film and television producers, casting directors, talent managers, magazines, and publicity directors provides students with an understanding of the industry beyond the classroom.

Through a series of community service programs and events, students will have the opportunity to volunteer at various organizations serving a wide range of values and socio-economic needs. Through participation in these activities we hope students can broaden their perspectives on diversity, social issues and community dynamics in Los Angeles and beyond.

  • ELA students must attend at least two professional development opportunities during their semester in the program.
  • ELA students must also participate in at least two civic engagement opportunities during their semester in the program.

Courses are taught by ELA faculty who, as well as being academically credentialed, are professionals working in the industry, including producers, directors, screenwriters, advertising and public relations executives, actors, entertainment marketing professionals, and more.

For more information, students should contact EmersonLA@emerson.edu