Washington, D.C.

Fall 2016 Estimated Costs

Entered Emerson before Fall 2015 Entered Emerson Fall 2015 and after
Estimated Tuition (Full Time 16 credits) per credit cost is $1,251 for students who entered prior to Fall 2015 and $1,317 for students who entered in Fall 2015 and after. Undergrads $ 20,016 $ 21,072
Washington Housing; (Quad: 2 bedroom/2 bath furnished apartment) $ 5,600 $ 5,600
*Estimated EC Aetna Student Health Insurance Yearly (8/15/16–8/14/17) Undergrads $ 1,875 $ 1,875
Estimated undergraduate fall charges (including EC health plan) $ 27,491 $ 28,547

* Health Insurance Coverage in Washington, D.C.: Required by Emerson College. If your current health insurance plan provides coverage in Washington, D.C., you can deduct the cost of the Emerson health insurance plan from your bill. In order to waive this fee, you’ll need to fill out a Student Health Insurance Plan Online Waiver Form. If you need to see a doctor, the concierge on duty at the residence hall will direct you to a health clinic approximately 2 blocks away.

Housing: Emerson students are required to live on-campus in TWC provided housing. They will live with other program interns, including international students. Students will live in the NOMA area of Washington, D.C., just north of Capitol Hill and Union Station. The cost of housing includes space in a furnished student apartment (2 bedroom/2 bath) with a living room, a fully equipped kitchen, air-conditioning and heating, washer/dryer, and secure access to the building.

Basic cable, local telephone service, electric bills ($75 cap), and high-speed Internet access are included in the housing fee.

Housing and Residence Life staff are available 24 hours a day. There is a free shuttle service that runs at set times if you need transport to the grocery store and metro stops. TWC also provides a service you can call if you would like someone to walk you home.

Extra costs involved in attending the Washington, D.C. Program

  • TWC Application Fee is $60
  • Estimated living expenses: $200- $250 per week including food transportation, entertainment, etc. This number varies depending on personal spending habits.
  • Travel arrangements to/from Washington, D.C.
  • Transportation to and from your internship location. Log onto WMATA, Washington, D.C.’s Public Transit site, for more information
  • The cost of meals and groceries; there is no dining facility. There are fully equipped kitchens in the housing facility.

As of 3/30/16. Subject to Change.