Useful Resources While In Prague

Time Difference

  • Prague and most of Western Europe are six hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time (EST).

24-Hour Clock in Europe

  • Most Europeans use the 24-hour clock (13:00 = 1:00 pm, 18:00 = 6:00 pm, 23:45= 11:45 pm, etc.)  So try to learn “military time” before you go.

Converting Kilometers to Mileage

  • You should learn how to convert kilometers into miles (a quick tip for a "rough" estimate: multiply km by .6)

Information on Prague

U.S. Embassy

Embassy of the United States
Telephone: +420 257  022 000
Telephone after hours: +420 257 532 716
Fax: +420 257 022  815 

Travel Information

Learn Some Czech

If you want assistance with pronunciation, etc. you can download a free language software program at Before You Know It Lite. There is also a deluxe version for purchase, so make certain you download the “lite” version. Other languages are available as well, including French, Italian, German, and more. For those interested in an audio course, you can download language recordings from iTunes. The cost is usually less than $10.