Arcadia in London

The Office of Education Abroad & Domestic Programs is pleased to offer to Emerson College students the “Arcadia in London Summer” program offered by the College of Global Studies at Arcadia University.

Arcadia University College of Global Studies has a 60-year history of offering quality study abroad experiences to students from all over the world.

Arcadia in London Summer runs two summer sessions. Session 1 is from May 24 - June 25, 2016. Session 2 is from June 26 - July 29, 2016. Applicants must have a minimum 2.5 GPA to apply. The application deadline is March 31, 2016. Interested students must apply through Arcadia University.

You will study one course per session; 4-credit course during session 1 or a 3-credit course during session 2. You can choose one or both sessions. The credits from these courses will be handled as transfer credits. Emerson College allows a total of 64 transfer credits towards your Emerson College degree. If you have already reached the 64 credit limit, you will not be able to count the Arcadia University courses.

The courses below have been pre-approved for credit by Emerson College. (4 credits each / 2 course maximum). Arcadia University will provide all program facilities, housing, and classroom space. The program length is 8 weeks (whether you choose to take one or two courses). A visa is not required for American citizens. Costs vary, depending on how many courses are taken and what type of housing is assigned. Additional expenses will include airfare to and from London, meals, personal spending money, transportation and books. Please review the cost sheets associated with this program.

Summer 2015 Courses

Summer 2016 courses are not yet available.
Please view the Arcadia in London Summer Course Offerings for more information:

  • The London Stage in Text and Performance: 4-credit theater or 300-level literature elective for WLP majors. Will also fulfill the Aesthetic Perspective of the General Education Requirements.
  • Introduction to Shakespeare in Text and Performance: 4 credits - theater or literature elective for all majors EXCEPT WLP.  For WLP students may be used to fulfill LI371 or LI372
  • Sex, Gender and the City: 4-credits - interdisciplinary or 400-level lit course for WLP majors only. For all other majors it would be an elective.
  • Health, Medicine & Society: A British Perspective: 4 credits – Will fulfill the Social & Psychological Perspective requirement
  • The Making of Global London: Migration and Identity: 4 credits – Will fulfill the Social & Psychological Perspective requirement
  • London: City of Art: 4 credits - fills Aesthetic perspective requirement
  • Art and Architecture: Exploring the City: 4 credits – Will fulfill the upper-level liberal arts requirement for VMA majors
  • Songs & Society: 4 credits – Will fulfill the Interdisciplinary Perspective requirement
  • Urban Space: Modern City: 4 credits - VMA elective - Will fulfill VMA Lib. Arts requirement for VMA majors
  • The Human Condition in the Digital Age: 4 credits – Will fulfill the Interdisciplinary Perspective requirement
  • Global Business Environment: Money and Markets in the World Economy: 4 credits – Elective – Check with Donald Hurwitz re: Business minor
  • Finance and The City: 4 credits - business studies minor elective
  • Marketing in the UK Environment: 4 credits - elective - will not fulfill MK elective
  • The London Novel: 4 credits - 300-level literature elective - would fulfill VMA Lib. Arts requirement for VMA majors
  • Britain and the EU: 4 credits - interdisciplinary elective

As of 9/25/15. Subject to change.


  • As with all transfer credits, participants must earn grades of C or better for the credits to transfer back to Emerson.
  • Additional courses may be added.
  • Courses are subject to change.

  • The EADP Office will assist Emerson students with program information and the application process, but program responsibility lies with Arcadia University, not Emerson (including but not limited to admission decisions).
Tower of London with Gherkin Building in Background

London City View